Boiler Needs Constant Bleeding Problem Plz Help

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Hi Everyone,

Would really appreciate your help here, I have a Logic Heat 18 Boiler which is not a combi boiler.

The boiler makes a lot of gurgling/water running through pipes and radiator type of noise. when I turn the boiler on, the radiators do not get hot until I bleed couple of the radiators then it works perfectly fine. I am having to bleed the radiators every time I turn the boiler on. It takes about a min or so to bleed the radiators until a trickle of water starts splashing out.

I really need help to fix this problem, any support would be highly appreciated.



  • Can we have a bit more background information such as...

    How long have you been bleeding the radiators? ie when did this start?

    Has the system been disturbed?

    Are you having to bleed every radiator or just the ones at the top of the house for instance?

    You might just have a lot of air in the system and it's working its way round but it's hard to tell without knowing the circumstances.
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    Hi bertiewhite,

    Thanks for the reply, this problem had just recently started. I have to bleed the system nearly everytime i turn the radiators back on.

    The ones upstairs all have air in them and require constant bleeding, the radiators downstairs don't require bleeding,every time I try only water comes out no air, they seem to work fine once the ones upstairs have been bled
  • So has the system been disturbed at all? What's changed or has it just started randomly?

    I'm assuming that the heating system has been dormant for the summer?
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    thats correct it hasnt been turned on for over 2 months,system hasnt been disturbed. moved in 3 months ago
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    Sounds like air in the system that needs to work its way out, Just keep bleeding and you will get there in the end. If system is old and inhibitor (anti rusting additive) levels low, oxidisation will occur in the system which releases air, which will stop water circulating to the radiators until you bleed it out.
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