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    Still on NSD No 7

    Just plodding along here. Nothing exciting happening but not spending much. Just a few things needed from Aldi.

    Trying to get into a cleaning routine and doing a little extra job every day Trouble is I started washing paintwork down today and, of course, the more you do the more you see needing done. Oh well, at least I can see the difference even if no one else (ie Himself) can. I'm also trying to do things as they need done, put things away as soon as the're finished with, etc. The trouble with that is Himself then complains that he can't find anything. One of these days I'll get him organised.

    Still trying new recipes. Chicken marinading in honey, mustard and a few other things at the moment. Apparently it smells delicious (I wouldn't know - no sense of smell). I noticed a few turtles make fruit gins of various kinds. Can someone tell me how to do that? It sounds fab.
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    SSDD - Glad some progress is being made with your foot :T - hope you managed to tape it back up yourself ok :)

    Whoop! - Finally managed to donate the 2 large bags of stuff to CS - added a set of 4 placemats to it this morning, too :) DS2 has also taken a too-small sports top to school for PTA 2nd hand uniform sales and a torn and paint-stained pair of jeans has gone to rag bag recycling.

    NSD yesterday (now on 2 :D) Definitely not one today - bought 2 tickets to see DS2's house music performance, paid for DD's eyetest - and new glasses (changed prescription and 1 dear lens) Am also going to take DS2 to barbers when he gets back on school bus. Ouch £ day!
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    MSE_Molly wrote: »
    Hi all,

    Love reading all your challenges on here! I particularly like the NSTs and want to give it a go myself!

    I'm hoping to create an MSE blog post of my journey when I attempt it in October - could you tell me some of your top tips?

    I really want to go for the full 15 NSDs - but I have no idea where to start!

    I will certainly credit this forum thread when the time comes!

    Can't wait to hear from you all :)

    - MSE Molly

    Hi Molly,

    I'd suggest that you do a trawl back through the NST challenge threads to get a true flavour of what we are about. Especially any run by mothernerd, as she often gives the back story to why and how we exist. Mothernerd is running the October challenge so she may include the back story anyway.

    And if you go far enough back, they were all set up and run by ninjasavingkat as she extradited herself from debt and saved 10k to travel. It is quite a journey!

    Happy reading! And we look forward to seeing you around in October.:D
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    SSDD - well done on the 5k, I envy people who don't run for ages and then can still run, I have to do it 5 or more times a week to keep my level up.

    Tesco grocery shop delivered today other than that no other money spent, shouldn't spend tomorrow either.

    Yesterday I bought a lovely vintage inspired (could be vintage) marble and glass cheese dome to go on my dresser, it was £4.99 in Oxfam and I love it.
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    Calling - Halo is a little bit grainy - that is the proteiny thing. Not as sweet as normal icecream but still for a diet ice cream it is not bad - DS1 says it will be fine with a hot fudge or chocolate sauce. The swine!

    Mothernerd - hugs for you after finding grandmothernerd(?) on the floor. Glad she is not hurt, but it is terrifying finding them on the floor -step gran fell twice while I was over there in summer. I agree with you about the rug. Unless you can wedge it under sofas or chairs on most of the edges.

    Thrifty!! Every month is shelftember in my house. I love it.

    Apple - congratulations on the good news, whatever it is.
    Dolly - caffeine pushes the anaesthetic through faster, so less numb, lisping, dribbly face, in case you have to be professional. Enjoy your cheese stand ( I am imagining a cake stand type affair with a glass dome) if it makes you smile when you see it, then it is worth it.

    Today is NSD4. Loads more cleaned and sorted today -the back room has been vanquished - but I have to find a place for 4 bicycles now. So all the residual mess and tat is now in the kitchen, so I can sort through it all with the added benefit of being near a kettle, with a nice big table and chairs, and having a tv/radio to watch/listen to.

    Yard is nearly cleared ready for winter. I have 2 rooms left of stuff to either sort, put away, or give away. 2 days without a man and I am EPIC (and have a clean and tidy 5/6ths of a house). I also have a strange sciatica-ish pain since this afternoon. Swings and roundabouts! DH due home in twenty minutes. :j:j:j:j:j

    Even better, he is going away again tomorrow til Sunday. So I can get on with more stuff while I am being efficient.
    Yesterday I bought a tv aerial splitter (£2.50) via the rainforest shop so that I can split the signal and have a tv in the back room and the kitchen without having to poke wires through a hole in the pantry when changing rooms. It's not all glamour!
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    Think we are developing a collective turtle mind. I was thinking of doing a 'last 3 months/ start it now, don't wait until January' thing and I've also read through this year's challenges and tried to pick out some themes. i was just thinking about putting the back story in again as we have quite a few newer turtles.

    As expected we have had a quiet day. Mum had a lot of aches and pains and has been napping throughout the day. I encouraged her to stay in bed longer (had to open the blinds so the neighbours wouldn't think we were dead). Was 11 am before I felt up to dragging myself into the shower, then I sat in my dressing gown (making sure I was properly dry) until mum's manicurist phoned to ask if she could come early as she had had a cancellation.

    It was about 2 pm before mum got dressed. She is still very shaken - keeps saying she never thought a time would come when she could not get up off the floor.

    The weather cleared up so I've gathered all the washing and it's mostly dried outside. Made cauli/ broccoli cheese with frozen veg, value pasta and sauce using two ends of cheese I brought from home. We've both had a banana and finished off the ys strawberries with my blueberry yoghurt. Will be going home early tomorrow. Had two wraps with a smear of mayo, mustard (scraped out the last bit of the jar), watercress/ rocket/ spinach mixture and most of my remaining tomatoes.

    Another chunk of complicated embroidery done and then switched to lavender bags, one completed, next one started (need some plain cotton to make the inners (have some at home).

    We both had long conversations with mum's old boyfriend. I answered this morning (mum had heard the beep but went back to sleep when she realised I'd picked up). He phoned back this afternoon.

    Just made toast, put the crusts out for the birds and put the padlock on the gate. Today I am grateful for a relaxing day, getting things done and toast (I think i only ever have it at mum's).
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    Hi all:j

    No NSD yesterday as predicted - but I did get one today :j 4/15

    Resisted all blandishments to do more shopping, I went freezer diving & found plenty of items for lunch/supper for today, so all meals from stores. Made some Welsh cakes for afters, turned out OK & were pretty easy.

    Don't seem to have made much progress today, but DH managed to fix the iron that I carelessly dropped - some plastic trim thingy (technical term) had come off - and also fixed a new toilet seat in the downstairs loo. He also fixed my new jelly making equipment to deal with all the blackberries/crab apples etc. that we have.

    I've picked some blackberries - from the garden - about 3 times already - then put in fridge but a series of domestic crises meant that they'd gone mouldy by the time I got to them. So, picked a massive bowlful today & hopefully will make the jelly tomorrow. Thanks to my poor husbandry earlier in the year we have loads of them in the garden & they are really massive. Have recipe that I might use for Christmas hampers if it turns out OK.

    Grass was looking long again almost to the state where I need a machete, so I cut that. Thought I would do just one bit of grass, but ended up doing the lot, am quite tired now.

    Checking in when I can: Hello turtles!!
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    mothernerd - your poor mum, I hope her bumps and bruises get better.

    f0xh0les - you are such a productive woman.

    Work today - YAY - can you tell that was faked. I have toothache in a different tooth, great, and stomach cramps.
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    I'm now up to 7/15 NSDs and today should be a NSD. It's very easy to get NSDs here compared to usual as I'm not buying any food, petrol, etc. My only spend since my last post has been £2.90 in bus fare to get to and back from the next village.

    I've been continuing my twice daily walks and am now up to walking around 3 miles per day, still at a fairly slow pace. Picked a load of brambles yesterday and made a crumble for tea. Will pick more today to stash in the freezer.
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    Morning all, just checking in to report a NSD yesterday. Today should be another, just plodding along at work. I have next week off so just making sure everything is covered. Had a session with my PT yesterday morning so very achey today, plan to go to the gym tonight as well. Going to get the slow cooker going when I get in from work and do a beef stew for OH, will make myself a veggie version as well.
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