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    I just sneaked in through the back door to lurk this month. Not quiet ready to join in again yet as I kept dropping out the last few months. At the moment attempting this thing called shelftember. And the last 90 days is starting in October, when I hopefully will join here again too.

    Good luck all
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    Exercise 5/22
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    Hiya thrifty - thanks for popping in!

    Today I am grateful for a phone call with good news, for flexibility, for catching up with good friends, for enjoying my job, for good sleep, for the invention of soft toilet paper, for the space discovered when someone bought our futon from us, for peace and quiet.
    NST sept; NSD 19; Ex 11

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  • Hi everyone
    NSD #2!! Had a 12 hour day in work with no lunch break so that definitely helped with the lack of spends! Got home at 9 and had HM soup for tea. Packed up some more eB** parcels ready to post tomorrow. DD2 has sent a link to duvet cover she wants & I have hygienist appointment tomorrow so will be a spend day.
    I will be glad of my bed tonight Dx
    LBM - October 2018; finally debt free on 16 March 2021 !
    NST November
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    Best month ever so far lve managed 4 nsd's. I think after 9 months of messing about lve finally got my mojo for frugality back in gear. Few spendy days ahead with the major one being the car mot can only see how it fares. Enjoy your Wednesday's x
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    Hello Thrifty.

    SSDD - hope you get your foot sorted out.

    Didn't do much yesterday after the dentist, I had injections in the bottom right and the top left so you can imagine what that was like. Raining here today so will make sure all the cleaning is done today, make curry for tea and I will take that for lunch tomorrow.
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    I ran 5k last night for the first time in about a year to see if I could manage it with my foot taped up, could have gone worse! At least I know I can still run 5k :rotfl:

    NSD 5 today :j :j

    My legs and my stomach muscles ache today, to be expected when they haven't been used that way in a long time. Just waiting for my delivery of the tape to arrive so I can re-do my foot, unsurprisingly it did not survive a run and two showers :rotfl:
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    I'm feeling rested. Settled down at 11 pm and woke at 7.30 am with only one break in the night (I used to wake hourly all night - if I managed to sleep at night). I have tried to get more sleep after I took my morning pills but it wasn't happening. Sitting up with breakfast and planning to read quietly before I shower.

    Mum is still asleep so I think we will both have a quiet day. Going to try doing my exercises later (they gave me a copy of the class exercises when I went for my six month review) but hink I will be doing sit down versions of most).

    I haven't spent any money for several days. Using up the food I brought (topped and tailed the 'needing to be rescued' carrots last night whilst waiting for my toast and will peel them today). Going home today or early tomorrow - it's the cleaner's day - but will leave food for Friday and may overnight again, depending on how I feel.

    Will be making progress on the complicated embroidery later on and have added a couple of items to be included in the October challenge (don't panic, I'll make some of them optional extras). I am living a slowed down simple life.

    Forgot to mention that when DS3 was getting my bags to the front door he banged his head on the door frame. Told him that particular door was quite low so He came to the one by the front door - the baby of the family has now officially passed 6 foot 6 inches and outgrown everyone else - must be all that milk (he was breastfed until his first birthday and refused to entertain baby rice or anything but breastmilk).

    Today I am grateful for the prospect of a peaceful, quiet day (mum is awake, wants to stay in bed but thinks she 'should' get up - ditch all those 'shoulds' now folks), for being warm well fed and inside and for time to let my body heal (miles of walking from the car park along hospital corridors and standing in queues).
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    Managed a NSD yesterday, so on 4 / 15 now. No idea if I will reach the target (I don't usually, because I tend to shop little and often). I will need a couple of things today :o
    Going out today, but not anticipating spending anything on that apart from fuel. OH wants to take some items to an auction house across the county, so we will take a picnic and make our own drinks (taking old camper van as some of the items are too big for the car).

    DD wants OH to put up a large mirror he made for her new kitchen (I thought a kitchen mirror a bit odd, but she wanted one) so we will go and do that later, also take a large bay tree which has outgrown its pot and needs planting out. Sadly my garden is too small (they do get quite big), but she is pleased to have it. I have its baby replacement ready to go in a nicer pot later, too. More compost needed for that and some other things I intend to plant, so will also buy that today.
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    Hiya Thrifty. Very curious as to what you up to shelftember? You sit on a shelf for 90 days:rotfl:

    Well I tried for a NSD and had a presale link for band I like who have just got back together. Tickets are for next year. I am weak.

    Today I need to rise above one so called friend who is so racist I can't tolerate it. Will snap back soon. Not at me but about another friend of mine through social media, cull time I think.

    Tomorrow off to Liverpool for a gig and overnight stay. Looking forward to catch up with friends. Just wish my cold would go away.

    Grateful for
    Few days off work
    Sore throat not as bad today
    Looking forward to seeing grandkids at weekend, they have been away on hols, missed them.
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    Calling14 wrote: »
    Hiya Thrifty. Very curious as to what you up to shelftember? You sit on a shelf for 90 days:rotfl:

    Yes, very efficient method not to spend :rotfl::rotfl:

    No, it means taking extreme care to first go shopping in your kitchen stocks (shelves, fridges, freezers) and only allowing a certain amount for fresh food like milk and fruit (i.e. £20/week). I might struggle as we have a small freezer. It's just a variations of the grocery challenge and/or NSD challenge. I just needed a new view on the same problem IYKWIM to rekindle my creativity in the kitchen, use what we have and save money.

    The Last 90 day challenge is sth else. It is based on not waiting for the 1st of January to make positive changes/resolutions but use the rest of the year to get a head start so to say. Basically start now or never (officially on Oct the 1st with 90 days to go). Like if you're going to the gym only semi regularly. Make it a habit now before you give it all up for Christmas (don't do that obv.) and have to start all over again.

    Both are just two ways for me to approach things differently as to see things interesting during my debt free journey.
    NST September
    NSD 6/20 NDD 7/22 spends £180/500
    Exercise 5/22
    CC Debt £1013 £700
    DFD 12/21 Mortgage 109343 (04/17) 92300 (11/19) 80779 (08/21)
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