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Post Office Voucher - Here We Go Again

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Broadband & Internet Access
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Broadband & Internet Access
As a software developer working from home I need a reliable internet connection. Our Zen fibre is great, but it won't work in a power cut - and we get a lot of those. So I have an ADSL backup line which is rarely used and therefore is the cheapest, no-frills one I can find.
Nearly 12 months ago I signed up to TalkTalk via MoneySavingExpert, as their £17/month deal with Amazon voucher was best value. The voucher never showed up, so it cost me more than advertised.
I've just switched to the Post Office deal via MoneySavingExpert, which also offers a voucher to reduce the price. The voucher administration is handled by a third party "Broadband Genie". With a horrible sense of deja vu, just got this email:
Hi There,

Thanks for your email.

I have looked into this for you and,unfortunately, your original sale did not track to us - this can occasionally occur depending on browser type, device type, privacy settings etc.

The next steps will be the following:
  • We need your Post Officecustomer reference number (8 digits, starting "81") so we can raise this manually with the provider
  • We will then await feedback from the provider to confirm this is a valid sale, attributed to Broadband Genie
  • Qualifying purchasers will then be sent their vouchers asap

This is quite a manual process so it will take some time to resolve. For tracked sales we allow 120 days and as un-tracked sales require an additional manual step, they can take longer.

I appreciate your patience and will update you in due course.

Kind regards,

Has anyone had better luck than me?


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