We are paying far too much for our Sky package

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We have been paying too much for Sky (which includes the F1 channel, Sports and SkyGo) for far too long. However, I keep putting it off, as I love having access to all the F1 coverage live, watching all the golf and the additional cycling coverage. We do also watch SkyGo when we are in Spain and for watching sports in the parts of the house where we don't have a tv (ie kitchen).

I know that I need to get my big knickers on and ring Sky, but the last time I did that I was on the phone for over 3 hours and didn't even get much discount.

A few questions.

1. Can Now TV really be a good option for watching F1?
2. Should I just cancel Sky completely and rely on another option for our general tv watching?
3. I am a big fan of the programmes on the TLC channel - and The Little Couple starts again on Monday! Can I get that via another source?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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    1) While NowTV will allow you to have sport on its own it is more expensive compared to Sky, but on the other hand on Sky you can't have Sports on its own, it has to be with a base package.

    2) Depends what you like to watch, a lot of channels are on Virgin too but Sky has the largest range.

    3) TLC is available on other than Sky but thats the only network your programme is on.

    Easiest solution if you're not already on it is to move to Sky Entertainment which starts from £22 a month if you agree to a new contract, typically 18 months. That then gives you some leverage for a deal for Sports. Sky Go you can get inclusive through the VIP programme.

    If you're on a legacy Sky package (Basic, Variety or Family/Box Sets) or older then these are ridiculously expensive compared to Entertainment. Easiest solution to a better deal is to phone up and say I can get this that and the other (genuinely, they do check) from somebody else but I'd rather stay with you, what can you do for me?
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    OP, usually twice a year, Now TV offer Sky sports for about £190 for 10 months - usually August time for the football season, and around February for the F1 season. You can also get discount vouchers in many places (I used to buy Now TV boxes for the free passes then give the box away). Like other Now TV passes, they often offer discounted passes as well. I've had the sports passes a lot and never paid the full £33 a month.
    I watch all F1 races on Now TV and my experience is that the picture quality is good enough - not quite HD but better than SD. I have good BB though. Now TV can be accessed on the go, with up to 6 devices linked - I think 2 at the same time is also allowed.
    I have Virgin TV basic, which has most Sky entertainment channels (not Atlantic), plus Now TV sports, Netflix through a family member, and Amazon TV through my Prime. Covers all my needs and really only costs me about £30 a month (sports on the 10 month pass, had Prime anyway, not 100% sure how much VM tv costs but it's not much, as we got a deal).
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    not quite HD but better than SD.
    It's simply standard definition :D
  • Are you in contract? Ours has just ended and we renewed for another 12 months for £35. Sky sports HD, entertainment and kids in HD. Breaks down at £17 for sports, £15 for entertainment, £1 for kids and £2 for HD.

    Just tell them what you are prepared to pay and actually cancel if you aren't happy. That's the way to get the best deal.
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    It's simply standard definition :D

    Unless you're talking specifically about a certain channel or broadcst, NowTV is 720p, which is HD, 1080p being Full HD. The original now tv boxes are capable of 720p, the newer ones are capable of more, but as far as I know the 'broadcast' is still at up to 720p.
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    The frame rate is only 25 FPS which is pants for sport.
  • DocHantsDocHants Forumite
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    I've been with sky for 12m and phoned them up to cancel to move to VM, which I had every intention of doing.

    For the first time ever, I must have got the right person at the right time who basically threw everything at me to stay.

    For £45pm, I have all the TV, box sets, cinema, sports, kids, HD and multiroom for 18m, I already had the. 2tb Q. I'm also paying £25 for the superfast BB which is completely separate from the TV deal, as I am thinking of using VM for internet as have 31 day cooling off period to make my mind up.

    I was quite pleased with this and actually very surprised!
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