My 25 Months Challenge

Hello all :wave:

I've been reading and been so inspired by lots of diaries on here that I've decided to take the plunge to gather together my random and discombobulated plans into one place.

Our family is me, my boyfriend and 2 cats. I couldn't think of a name for the thread but as our current mortgage fix comes to an end in, as the catchy title suggests, 25 months, this seemed as good a name as any.

In 25 months I would love to be Mortgage Free - in 25 months I'd be happy to be Mortgage Neutral :cool:

On paper this isn't possible - but a dream remains a dream without a plan - right? :D

So here I am, committing to ideally popping in at least once a week to update how these plans are going :)

In 25 months I want us to be in a position to move house. We never planned on staying here as long as we have done. A bit of background: since buying our home we have been through 5 redundancies :( Redundancy payments were the minimum and money owed for overtime was not paid :( Anyway - enough of those glum faces!! That is the past. We are both working now, albeit my role is part-time. Mr Spotty Socks loves his job and I am very proud of him and pleased for him - although he may be earning less than before he is definitely a lot happier in this job. I am paid a lot less than previous jobs - and I don't love my role :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: Part of the reason I also want us to be mortgage free / neutral is for the choices this will give us ;)

I have a spreadsheet which I record lots of things in diligently and I also have a plan to clear as much from this house as I can over the next 2 years so it will make a move easier - positive thinking can only be a good thing :D

I'd love it if anyone would care to pop in with any tips or suggestions :)
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  • StripeyTightsSpottySocks
    Things I've done today to help achieve our goal.

    Other than starting this thread :D I have been cooking. I had various bits of reduced meat in the freezer as well as the very last remains of a roast chicken. Yesterday i put the chicken in the slow cooker with bits of veg to make a stock - the smell was amazing when I woke this morning :)

    I made chicken and veg soup using the stock and some bits of veg we have in - I had this for tea and very yummy it was too :T There are a further 8 portions left all tupperwared up and cooling before being frozen :cool:

    I made 10 portions of curry - again all portioned up to be frozen.

    I made 4 portions of casserole ( not as much beef)

    i have some stock leftover too so am pondering what to do with that :think:

    i've written a meal plan for the week so i can lift things out the day before or pick an item up if needed.

    I've identified a jacket which can go on the bay of e. Not yet listed but the light isn't great for pics at the mo.

    I've been reading - i do try and sell my books on and if that's not possible i donate to charity. Once read the book will be decluttered via either of these routes. Although i do have a bit of an issue with buying books (second hand) so i really need to not buy any more for a long time :naughty: We don't have room here for them - part of the reason to want to move to a house that will work better for us. The reading is low cost enjoyment though :p

    I have checked for surveys but there have been none today.

    I had a credit on an account - basically when out of work we cancelled plans we'd made. I couldn't get the money back frustratingly, and the time was running out before the credit note was going to expire. Anyway we have now managed to secure a wee night away with it - so good it is being used and not wasted :) Also, a nice adventure to look forward to :D

    A NSD has been had :T

    That is possibly it for today but i am happy to have used what we have and to avoid waste. Whilst there's not been additional income generated yet (pending jacket sale ;)) There are plenty of meals in, which will hopefully help reduce the shopping bill somewhat and there hasn't been any spending either. All in all a good day i think :D
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  • zcrat41
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    Hello and welcome.

    Good luck on journey and looking forwards to seeing your journey.
  • StripeyTightsSpottySocks
    Hello zcrat

    thank you for stopping by - it's lovely to have a visitor :D
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  • StripeyTightsSpottySocks
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    edited 15 July 2019 at 7:49PM
    So, i need to motivate myself to achieve lots of things and I thought it best to post a list on here as so many people mention how what they write in their diaries makes them feel accountable. Let's hope this works for me :o

    To be achieved this week:

    Work on homework for evening class 5 days this week, minimum 30 mins a day should see it done

    Work on homework for other evening class 7 days this week, minimum 10 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes a day

    Clear top of bedside cabinet, clean and only replace what is going back

    Clear bag on landing - i have a bit of a clutter issue at the mo :eek:

    [STRIKE]Empty bottom drawer in bedside cabinet, only put back what is being kept[/STRIKE] Done 14th July 7 very low value items to try and sell but definitely decluttered :)

    Empty 2nd drawer as above

    Empty 1st drawer as above - the 1st one will be harder / take longer hence the opposite order :rotfl:

    Stick to the meal plan and lift out of freezer accordingly - shouldn't need any shopping for this

    Walk 3 miles at least 3 times

    Keep up with any surveys can do

    [STRIKE]Print paperwork need on Monday[/STRIKE] Done and on Monday!

    Review paperwork and ensure au fait with everything

    I have to be in 3 different locations for work on Friday - look up addresses on map and plan best route, time to set off from each location and where to park

    write review on Friday so not leaving until weekend or until back in main office on Monday :o

    Finish the excellent book i'm reading and start another

    use 1 of the face masks i have - decluttering and pampering in one - what's not to love? :rotfl:

    Keep track of all receipts

    Drink at least 1 litre of water a day - aim is to build this up


    Book 2 appointments with docs

    Ring jenny back on MONDAY!! remember to do this

    [STRIKE]Cancel payment for pension[/STRIKE] Done!

    Cancel order that i keep trying to cancel
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  • beanielou
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    Happy shiny new diary :)
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  • jenni_fer
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    Happy new diary!
    Being mortgage neutral is my interim goal too, you've inspired me to go and dig out my diary and get focused again.
    Good luck!
  • Nichelette
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    Happy new diary! I love a spreadsheet too :o
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  • jaydeejay
    jaydeejay Posts: 41 Forumite
    Just wondering why cancelling pension payment?

    Will be following your journey with interest,

  • StripeyTightsSpottySocks

    Thank you for stopping by and saying hello beanielou, jenni_fer, Nichelette and JDJ :wave:

    JDJ thank you for your question regarding pension. This is a stakeholder pension which has been consistently under-performing :( It's not worth much anyway and is a tad upsetting that the money i'm paying in is actually going down :mad: I know these are long haul things but in my current job I have a pension scheme which I have to pay into for my employer to contribute the minimum and I can't do both. My plan, if possible, is to cancel this payment, transfer the money to work pension and set up a regular investment for something else. Ideally, I'd like to use some of the funds for an ISA maybe Vangaurd but i'm not sure how to go about this :think: I think i need to set up 2 accounts the vanguard and something else - but i'm not sure if i've just confused myself? :o

    Thank you for your question though, it has prompted me to get the paperwork out and tomorrow I can much more easily make the call - especially as they only open office hours Monday to Friday :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
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  • StripeyTightsSpottySocks
    I thought I'd pop in with a quick update and seeing the lovely welcomes has been really cheering and has given me a wee boost of energy :D

    Although there isn't too much to say in my update :rotfl: I've frozen all meals from batch cooking ;) Lifted food out for meals and lunches tomorrow ;)
    Snaffled the bargainous reduced priced strawbs i bought the other day - 37p and delicious :D and no waste as they wouldn't have lasted long :cool:
    Cooked another chicken :eek: When i bought one the other day there was an offer meaning if i bought another almost 2kg chicken it would be £2.25. Fortunately, i realised the date today and cooked it :T It forms the base of one of our meals this week and will help with lunches etc :D

    I've also checked my mortgage balance, worked out how to pop it in my sig and updated. Overpayments are capped at 10% and after a bumpy start this year i'm hoping to scrape in with the last payment i'm allowed to make at the end of this month.

    Today isn't an NSD as i bought last few bits of necessary shopping - cat food and fresh fruit and milk.

    I may as well also fess up and say i also indulged in my guilty pleasure of second hand shopping :p This works for me - it keeps me out of other shops and i get a lot more for my money. A goodly few bits were purchased today including... 2 books :wall: There's always an excuse isn't there? :rotfl: But, these aren't the usual books i purchase and i have never seen them for sale before and doubt i will again - i wasn't looking they were just on a shelf near some other bits and for 50p each they will make for a very cheery afternoon at some point :D

    I've checked for surveys etc but there doesn't seem to be anything happening.

    Off to read a few diaries for some inspiration :)
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