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Very (Shop Direct) won't close account

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Very (Shop Direct) won't close account

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brody77brody77 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Credit File & Ratings
Hi all,

Apologies in advance if I've posted in the wrong section, I just need some advice regarding my Very account.

I fully paid off the balance on 21st May but was told in online chat that I had to wait until the 25th (statement day) to cancel in case of any further interest. I called up on the 25th, requested cancellation & told that was it done and my credit file would update in 28 days.

Lo & behold none of this happened. Fast forward 3 more calls to today and it still isn't closed, there isn't even a request in progress and the customer service staff are outright lying to me at this point, saying there is no complaints dept but I can log a complaint from within my account (you can't), that the cancellation team "won't take my call" and then, hilariously, that my cancellation was not actioned because "the request said more than just cancel account, it had notes with it". Seriously. Couldn't make it up.

Has anyone else had any dealings with this shambolic operation? I've noticed they no longer have an email address for correspondence either, and the very helpers twitter account hasn't responded.

Any advice on my next steps would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to inch my way towards debt free and this is the largest remaining stumbling block.



  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Is the account zero balanced?
  • brody77brody77 Forumite
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    Sure is mate, paid off the whole lot back in May but I can still log in and it still has an available credit limit.
  • SnowTigerSnowTiger Forumite
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    Log in to your Very account.

    Select Account;

    select My Details;

    select Account queries;

    select I have a query;

    select I have a complaint;

    select I have a complaint about my Credit Account.

    Tell Very to close your account.

    After you login to your Very account, this direct link might work:
  • CandyappleCandyapple Forumite, Board Guide
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    brody77 wrote: »
    Has anyone else had any dealings with this shambolic operation? I've noticed they no longer have an email address for correspondence either, and the very helpers twitter account hasn't responded.

    I closed my account back in April, rang this number: 0800 092 3355
    (7am - 11pm, 7 days per week) gave them my account number and asked them to close the account and to confirm it in writing. They did this and about a week later I received the letter and 2 months later my credit files have all been updated to reflect the account is closed.

    What exactly is going wrong when you request that you want to close your account when you speak to them?
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  • wizzywig27wizzywig27 Forumite
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    Took me ages to close mine too mate. Ended up taking it to the FOS
  • zxe_37zxe_37 Forumite
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    Very has completely and utterly failed at customer service in my book. 

    I had an account with them a few years ago, I didn't use it for a while and then I went back to it logging in with the same details and buying some christmas presents in 2018.

    What Very actually did was set up a second account for me - same details to log in but different account numbers. I had no idea I actually had 2 accounts and therefore 2x credit limits with them. I then ended up paying the wrong account off and going into arrears in the second one as I couldn't tell the difference (you only need email postcode and password to log in). I had ordered through both accounts as well without realising.

    I called up to clear it and pay it off and that's when I found out there was 2 accounts, I complained about this to them and nothing was done. I paid everything outstanding off over the phone so that both accounts could be closed and I could wash my hands of them, they still appear on my Experian credit report because they never closed the account!

    They also make it so difficult online I can't find where to close the account. Would never recommend this company they truly are awful - please stay away!
  • notveryeducatednotveryeducated Forumite
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    This also happened to me too, I wanted to close my account and they never did after 2 months.
  • funkycreditfunkycredit Forumite
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    They closed mine down after 6 months of inactivity. Literally last month! Fine by me but still. They emailed in April saying if I didn't make a purchase in 30 days they'll close my account. So they did. 
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