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Old Style Weight Loss 2019 Part 3

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • BramblingBrambling Forumite
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    Welcome Need2bthrifty I've added you to the list :)
    Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage   -          Anais Nin
  • Rose_WoodRose_Wood Forumite
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    Evening Everyone

    Cranky, yes my son is lucky to have me to call on for work emergencies but I am equally lucky being able to work for him as I can be really flexible in what I will and won't do. I can fit work round all my normal activities and do shorter hours than normal staff etc.

    I've had a lovely day, although Im afraid I did succumb to two helpings of icecream after my meal tonight! I started the day with a swim and then spent the morning sorting and tidying. DS came for an early lunch and then I played tennis this afternoon. Once I've typed this Im going to listen to the radio while I do some ironing.

    Lunch: Cheese, mushroom, spinach and garlic omelette
    Dinner: Sole with green beans and jacket potato. Caramel icecream with toffee sauce.

    So not very low carb today I'm afraid.

    Weight Loss Challenge 5/7/19 10st 6lbs
    Target 8st 12lbs

    Daily Steps Challenge 16,000
    Average daily steps: January 19,317, February 19,449, March 20,330, April 22,026, May 20,412 June 15,690
  • BramblingBrambling Forumite
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    Weigh in for me today, I STS I'm not surprised and just happy I didn't gain as I've been off diet this week. I need to stop picking in the evenings when I'm not hungry :cool:

    I stocked up fruit, veg and salad lunchtime, I just need to hide the 'naughties' so they're out of sight and hopefully out of mind

    Food wise today I could have done better

    B - ff Greek yogurt, banana, nectarine and strawberries
    L - scotch egg, watercress and tomato, fibre one brownie bar
    D - bowl of cereal when I got in at 9pm
    S - grapes, 2 ginger nut biscuits
    Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage   -          Anais Nin
  • zafiro1984zafiro1984 Forumite
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    This weather doesn't help the diet. We're outside most if the day and by 4pm, when the sun is high, DH wants refreshments - not water, but alcohol free lager plus a magnum. I'm usually quite resilient and decline joining in, but it's so hard and occasionally like yesterday I failed :(

    Apart from that things are going OK. The help we have around the place is on holiday so I have to fill in and do what they did. That should keep me occupied for most of the day and maybe, just maybe help with the diet.
  • IzadoraIzadora Forumite
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    I've been doing really well with not snacking and having healthy meals but it was our work summer social yesterday so there was rather a lot of booze involved.

    I feel a lot better today than I deserve and I've so far managed to resist giving into the cravings for rubbish food but I would dearly love to dive head first into the biggest bag of salty snacks I can find!! :D
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    Afternoon All

    Teeny loss of 1/2 lb this week for me, had a shocking weekend so I'm pretty lucky it wasn't a gain!

    B fruit and yog
    L toasted cheese pitta, fruit
    D rice with fish and veg

    Snack large chocolate covered rice cake, was yummy but rather high in calories!
    'You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose' - Dr Suess

  • CRANKY40CRANKY40 Forumite
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    Good afternoon all,

    We're back in the rainy north after a brief visit to sunny London. I didn't think I'd overdone the eating and we did a lot of walking but when I stood on the scales this morning I was back to what I was before I lost 1.5 lbs last week. I have a few days yet to pull it back and see if I can at least make my next WI a stay the same.

    The HT is joining me in trying to lose weight over the next couple of months. He's only about half a stone overweight but he wants to do something about it. He's going to come running with me over the summer holidays too which will be fun. I've read up about the connection between skipping meals and migraine and apparently if this is a problem it's caused by low blood sugar. The advice is to have smaller, more frequent meals so today's meals for the boy and I look like this :-

    Breakfast : Cereal for him, tinned grapefruit for me

    Lunch : Ciabatta pizzas (cheese and bacon medallion) made by me with a handful of pringles each, a satsuma for me and 2 mini sausage rolls for him.

    Dinner : Chicken fried rice with beansprouts for me (made by me) and skinny meatballs (made by M&S but he only has 3 per meal so one pack lasts ages - still a good few portions on the freezer) with pasta sauce for him.

    Supper : a ham salad mini wrap each for both of us.

    I've been keeping oranges and satsumas in the fridge while it's been warm. It feels like a treat to have lovely cold fruit and it also seems to have kept them fresh for longer. I've been looking through the Pinch of Nom cookbook for some ideas for new meals. We seem to have got stuck in the "same old, same old" meal routine.
  • Need2bthriftyNeed2bthrifty Forumite
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    Good Evening,

    Food-wise things are going well but I do need to up the exercise a bit more; my excuse is the weather, its been so thundery/muggy around here and after about 1 mile brisk walking I'm drenched in sweat with a bright red face - not the most flattering of looks.

    For the past two days breakfasts have been - grapefruit, boiled egg & toast and yoghurt with a sprinkling of muesli & pomegranate. Lunches both days = spicy carrot soup, 2 crispbread topped with cream cheese & tomato. Dinner yesterday was thai chicken curry, boiled rice, sugar snap peas and tonight griddled tuna steak and stir-fry veg (broccoli, peppers, onion, s/s peas)

    I'm sitting enjoying my favourite tipple minus the crisps/nuts but decided I'll pick up some salted popcorn, a treat for another day - everyone needs a treat now and again.
  • BramblingBrambling Forumite
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    Cranky I think your son has the right idea in tackling it when he only has a half stone to lose, I wish I had as a teen. You've reminded me I have th PON book I must go through it at the weekend

    I'm trying really hard to avoid snacking as they're my down fall especially picking in the evenings I really want to lose this week before going to Dorset next weekend, I've already found the emergency gin for the trip

    To try and keep things lower fat I made a potato salad for lunch and rather than mayonnaise I mixed FF cottage cheese with some horseradish, chopped capers and gerkins it was really tasty the horseradish stopped the cottage cheese from being too boring

    B - FF Greek yogurt with banana, nectarine and mixed berries
    L salad nicoise with potato salad (I seared the tuna with a black sesame seed crust :))
    D - beef stir fry with lots of vegetables
    S - none so far :D
    Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage   -          Anais Nin
  • GingerlilyGingerlily Forumite
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    Hello, I’m back home after 3 weeks away visiting family and friends. No one had weighing scales so couldn’t weigh in whilst away.
    I’m +3lbs from my last weigh in, I did think it might be more as I’ve had plenty of meals out whilst away but then I did do a lot of walking with no relaxing time at all.
    Looking forward to getting back on track, it’s only 3 months till my holiday. I did bring some gluten free biscuits and cakes back but not as many as I usually would.
    No idea what’s on the menu today, I’ll be going grocery shopping later.
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