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MMD: Should Axl pay back his mates?

MSE_Jenny MSE Staff Posts: 1,311
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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Axl pay back his mates?

Axl goes out for a slap up dinner with four chums at the Jungle restaurant in Paradise City. Afterwards his friend Slash, an accountancy student, works out how much everyone owes. The rest leave the cash on the table and dash off to get a train, leaving Axl to actually pay. When he does, he realises that together they’ve left £20 too much; as Slash added a tip to the total, when service was included. Thus each is owed £4, and it’ll be a hassle to get it all to them; should he keep quiet or hand them back the cash?
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  • Iom-rf
    Iom-rf Forumite Posts: 1,605 Forumite
    Give the money back without a doubt, I hate owing people money not matter how small, for example I owe someone £5, I was going to give it back on the Monday but I kept walking past the shop think "oh crap what do I say".... Next time (about a week later) I walked past I was ready to walk into the shop and hand the guy the fiver I owed him, I go upto the door but he's not there, I'd then forgotten about the fiver (been busy though its not an excuse)

    Last week the guy died of a heart attack, now I still want to give the money back because it isn't mine, I feel awful that I'd "taken" £5 because if I haven't given it back thats "taking", part of me wants to stuff the £5 through the letterbox of the shop (which I should of done in the first place, so i'm annoyed with myself) but then I don't actually know who the money is going to.
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  • mayb_2
    mayb_2 Forumite Posts: 894 Forumite
    I think Axl should keep the money in his wallet and as he meets up again with each person offer them the money back. If they say don't worry about it (after all they left him to sort it out) he can keep it and if they want it back they get it back. That way he is doing the right thing by everyone.
  • belfastgirl23
    belfastgirl23 Forumite Posts: 8,016
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    He should drop them all an email and let them know that this happened, and suggest putting it in the kitty for the next night out. He should offer to hold onto it in the meantime unless anyone needs theirs back. Fair and minimum hassle.
  • Alfie_E
    Alfie_E Forumite Posts: 1,293 Forumite
    Axl should employ the Ryanair Manoeuvre. There will apply a five-pounds administration charge per refund per friend. Thus, the problem is solved… :)
  • Skippy2roo
    Skippy2roo Forumite Posts: 279
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    He should buy a crate of Nelson Mandela and have another great night, if they can throw money away then they won't miss it so tough on them.
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  • PasturesNew
    PasturesNew Forumite Posts: 70,698
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    MSE_Jenny wrote: »
    his friend Slash, an accountancy student, works out how much everyone owes.

    I think there's a twist there - if somebody had to work out how much they owed, then each person will have paid different amounts in.

    So part of the dilemma might be how much was overpaid by each person....

    I'd send a group email round and let everybody know. I'm sure Slash kept a record and will know who had what/how much and so could advise how much of a refund was due to each person .... whereupon I'd make sure they got that to the penny next time we met.
  • banana
    banana Forumite Posts: 77 Forumite
    He should leave the money for the waiting staff. Its not a huge amount for a 'slap up dinner' and everyone was happy to pay the total Slash worked out for them.
    He can text everyone and let them know how generous they have been. Feelgood factors all round.
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  • tallgirld
    tallgirld Forumite Posts: 484
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    :rotfl: Nah he shouldnt give it back. OH PLEASE its 4 quid
  • rackstar
    rackstar Forumite Posts: 85 Forumite
    Let them know and, if they are not bothered about getting the £4 back, use the cash to get the first round the next time.

    Can't beleive people are saying they wouldn't give money to their mates! That's so tight!
  • fad1211
    fad1211 Forumite Posts: 252 Forumite
    rambo1987 wrote: »

    i found a purse on the floor at university and i kept it. came in handy for lunch and my bus expenses for the day


    And did you not consider about the poor person that dropped that purse, just picture it, frantically running around to find the purse. What if it had happened to you. Surely you couldv'e taken it to reception. It really wasn't yours for the taking. For the price of lunch and bus expenses for the day, my conscience would have been worth more.
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