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Lied to

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Hi everyone. Can I have your thoughts on the best course of action cos my flight problem falls between threads? I was told last Friday that my plane had been taken out of service and I was offered a flight at midnight the same day from Manchester (my original airport) but then I would lose a days holiday or fly from Bristol early the morning BUT both flights offered were not going to my original airport in Bulgaria they were going to one 3 hours away. So I would have to fly and then drive an additional 3 hours, which I did. However, I have subsequently found out that I was lied to because my original flight on the Saturday did take off and go. I cannot believe that I was lied to and all the hassle I had to go to to change airport parking, hire cars, etc. So my flight was not taken out of service, not delayed nor cancelled so in essence I was bumped off but not told that and forced to rearrange my whole holiday. What avenue should I take?


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