Adding more PV panels


currently I have a solar edge inverter with 4.5 kWh and getting FIT for this

I also have a Victron multiplus inverter that I use for battery storage with 7kWh of batteries attached

I would had more panels to the Victron to have give a better harvest in winter but would over produce I summer by miles

could I fit more panels to the new inverter without loosing FIT and could I get an export meter fitted to the new panels to get paid for this ?


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    I think you loose the FIT if you change the output, like for like repairs only.

    If im wrong, im sure i will be corrected. Best to just keep them separate systems i would think.

    You would also need permission from the network to output more than 4.5 kWh
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    This has been discussed a number of times in the 'Green and Ethical section of this forum, which is where most of the solar PV discussions take place.
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