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Keeping on the Straight and Narrow...

edited 31 May 2019 at 1:58PM in Debt Free Diaries
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  • ohdearhowdidthathappenohdearhowdidthathappen Forumite
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    I'm liking YNAB, it does take a while to get the hang of (it did me anyway!) but it's made me more accountable with meaningless frittering. Festival sounds fun, I love live music, although not at all keen on taking children. Think it's all the crowds, I'm worried the little ones would run off and get lost!
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  • DancingInTheRainDancingInTheRain Forumite
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    Another week passing by at the speed of light, time please slow down!!!

    Busy with work, DH's birthday and, now that DS1 is fully recovered, DS2 has started with chicken pox :( Poor baby is coping well but is absolutely covered in spots :( I can't decide if he's worse than DS1 was or it just looks worse with him being a baby. At least both boys have had it now and, on the plus side, we didn't have any holiday plans this year, just as well :o

    DH has an ongoing knee injury which was exacerbated by a silly stumble yesterday so he's in agony at the moment too, so our house isn't the happiest place to be at the moment.

    On a more positive note I've updated my signature as minimum payments have gone out to CC1 and Family Loan, I'm pleased to see I've paid off 6.5% of the debt since starting the diary. Still resisting the urge to pay any extra off so far this month but can see me giving in at some point ;)

    I think I'm getting my head around YNAB, have been logging everything and my accounts all balance but not sure if I like it or not. I think I'm so used to using spreadsheets that I can't see any real gain in using YNAB just yet. I'll persevere for this month but in the future I may just apply the YNAB principles to my spreadsheets in the future, we'll see...

    Also had 2 NSDs this week, so not a bad start to the month.

    Surveys are trickling in very slowly so not much progress made here and no further ebay sales since my last post. Planning an early morning trip to Primarni tomorrow to see if I can pick up anything to wear for the new job (using ebay profits) but other than that no plans for the weekend at the moment.

    Hope everyone else is well and looking forward to the weekend x
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    Just catching up with diaries, so cool that you got to go and watch DH play :D

    I do like YNAB and probably would have continued to use it if they offered a monthly option to pay for the subscription, but it's just a bit much in one go to continue using it, so I'm just using my trusty spreadsheet, nowt wrong with those ;)

    Hope the Primarni hunt tomorrow goes well xx
  • nomorecreditnomorecredit Forumite
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    Hi Dancing

    Many congratulations on your new job, thats fab new and pleased for you getting the salary you deserve too well done xx

    Hope you little one is ok, chickenpox is not nice for them, seems to take forever to get over.

    You are just doing great, I continue to admire you from afar and whilst not been on for a while I do read your diary everyday, look how far you have come I hope you are chuffed with your progress.

    Enjoy your trip to primarni hope its a success.

    Take care and have a lovely weekend.
    NMC x
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  • Mum_and_WifeMum_and_Wife Forumite
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    Hey, great diary. I have just sat and read it all. Keep up the good work x
  • DancingInTheRainDancingInTheRain Forumite
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    Thanks SSDD23, NMC & MaW

    Nice to see you all and thank you for your lovely comments :)

    Late check in tonight, DS2 isn’t coping well with his chicken pox so I’ve been up with him on and off all evening,, poor little man is exhausted but struggling to sleep longer than an hour or so at a time so could be in for a long night.

    Just given him another bath and applied some more anti itch gel & have put a couple of kids programmed on to settle him.

    We’ve got him in the travel cot in our living room & I’m on the sofa so hopefully DH & DS2 aren’t disturbed by us then I can catch up on sleep tomorrow.
    01.06.19 Debt £13,636
    Debt Free 25.07.20
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  • FootyFanDanFootyFanDan Forumite
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    Hey DITR,

    Great to see the updated signature you are making fantastic progress with these. Good work with the early NSDs :) Sorry to read about DS2 chicken pox its awful seeing them not well and feeling like not much you do helps them, hopefully he improves soon.
  • DancingInTheRainDancingInTheRain Forumite
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    Well after a total of 3 hours sleep last night and for the sake of my sanity I left the house for a couple of hours this morning did a quick Primarni run this morning, £58 spent which included 2 pairs of trousers for DH and 1 skirt, 1 pair of trousers and 2 tops for me so not bad.
    DS2 is truly poorly and has spent much of the day sleeping, he's definitely worse than DS1 was but I think it's peaked now so hopefully he'll get a good sleep tonight then start improving. It's awful seeing my baby boy so poorly, he's such a happy baby and its really tugging at my heartstrings seeing him so miserable :(

    DH took DS1 out to the park this afternoon and also hid some books for children to find (this is as part of a local Fbook group and lots of local children have got involved these summer holidays). DS also found a book which made his day so we read this together at bedtime and will re-hide tomorrow :)

    Early night for me tonight, hopefully I'll get more than 3 hours ;)
    Take care all x
    01.06.19 Debt £13,636
    Debt Free 25.07.20
    Mortgage 10.01.21 £52,999
    Savings Goals: EF £6000/£6000, S&S ISA £850
  • sashybosashybo Forumite
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    Sorry to hear about DS2's chickenpox. :( Hope he's feeling better & you get a decent sleep tonight.

    The book hunt/hiding sounds good fun for the kids. :)
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    DancingInTheRainDancingInTheRain Forumite
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    edited 4 August 2019 at 6:48AM
    Thanks Sashybo, much better night last night so I think DS2 has got through the worst of it thank goodness, he's got a few more new spots today but his temperature is back to normal and he's in a more pleasant mood :T

    The book hunt/hiding is great, so many children getting involved. It's lovely to see all the updates and there's been a really positive vibe around it all. It's such a simple idea but with the added benefit of being a fun, free activity for the summer holidays (and a chance for me to declutter some of the kids books, they've got a crazy amount!)

    Still resisting the urge to make an overpayment, I'm sure I'll crack soon :o

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    01.06.19 Debt £13,636
    Debt Free 25.07.20
    Mortgage 10.01.21 £52,999
    Savings Goals: EF £6000/£6000, S&S ISA £850
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