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LPG installation unsafe - advice please

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LPG installation unsafe - advice please

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum so apologies if this is posted incorrectly, if so please advise me where to post.

I have recently purchased a property that has an LPG gas supply with an above ground tank. The boiler is ancient. I haven't registered yet with the previous supplier as we have only just moved in to start renovating. Whilst decorating we have had a few concerns about the placement of gas pipes for example; there is an open fire that used to be a gas fire. The pipe is still scarily close to the fire...we found this when we pulled off the skirting boards. Same as the cooker, previously gas, wired for electric but gas supply still in situ. Today we thought we smelled gas coming from the pipe near the fire so phoned the emergency line. The guy who came out turned off the gas supply and said the whole system needs replaced. The boiler is too old and the placement of the pipework is dangerous. A boiler replacement was on our to do list but now it is at the top of that list.

My question is about where do we even start with getting this system replaced? we would prefer mains gas. LPG was the sellers preference. Do we start with the existing supplier? Are there any grants available or pay monthly options for this? (We are in Northern Ireland). We had recieved the gas safety certificate before we bought the house that said the system was safe so a little confused about that but just want to get this sorted so all is safe to use! We have been advised not to use the system and to just have it replaced.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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    A couple of thoughts.

    You're only going to get mains gas if there's a gas main in the area. It's very unusual for anybody to use LPG if thet could get mains gas. Even if there is a gas main nearby, getting a pipe laid to your house could cost thousands.

    There's no such thing as a boiler that's "too old". A boiler can be safe or unsafe, but just because it's old doesn't mean it's unsafe.
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    Thanks for your reply.
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    Contact (or seach online) the gas network distributer for your area and find out how far the nearest mains gas is. That will determine the feasibility and cost of connecion.

    But chances are it's either not feasible or far too expensive - no one installs LPG unless they have to!

    As for the internal pipework etc, get 2 or 3 local GasSafe engineers round to a) identify what needs doing and b) give you quotes. eg

    * cap or remove redundant piping
    * replace boiler
    * renew rads/plumbing (if required)
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