Is there a "Pocket Money" thread anywhere?

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I have been hunting around on here for a specific section for discussions on pocket money, and somehow it is eluding me?

Obviously I have found some pocket money discussions, but perhaps there could be an actual section for parents / grandparents who are trying to negotiate a rate with their children / grandchildren. My son is 13 and is doing his best to earn money by cutting neighbours' grass, but most don't want it done and others have turned their front gardens into gravel strewn tropical paradises (none, I am glad to say, have concreted over the fronts). Back gardens are usually inaccessible due to full garages.

His friends have a lot of aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc who give them money when they see them. My son doesn't have that luxury. Hence, somewhere to chat generally about these things would be a bonus …… if I could find it.

Am I using the wrong search term or looking in the wrong place!!?


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    Think you just started one ;)

    My kids don't have pocket money. They are 9, 12 and 13.
    My reasons for this are if they need anything or want to go out we give them money, they do get money from family on some occasions and this just gets frittered away which is why I don't want to give pocket money.

    I have offered to pay them to do big chores (washing windows/cleaning the fridge etc) but interestingly I've not had any volunteers :rotfl: Other chores they do I refuse to pay them for as my attitude is we all live here (these chores are making own bed, tidying own room, putting their own laundry away, cleaning their hamster and laying the dinner table!)

    Eldest is lucky enough to have been 'employed' by my mum to 'nanna sit' her elderly great grandmother for a few hours every Saturday as she is home alone all day so she get money each week for this. This is a bit of an issue with my 12 year old who is basically jealous but we have had to be firm in saying eldest was 13 before she got the 'job' so she has to wait until then before we will discuss it any more. But like I say the offer to get paid for 'big' chores is there and I have told family she is willing to weed gardens and other tasks if she wants it.

    Would your son be interested in doing a paper round? That starts at 13. My daughters too young and also awful as a morning person lol so not really an option for her at this point.
  • AmberPick
    Hello. My son is 12 and he also tries to earn his own money. I bought him a book "A Dog called Money", he likes it very much. There are lots of opportunities to make money, he doesn't have to just cut neighbour's grass. I also don't give him pocket money. 
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    There are well over a hundred such threads here TBH. Including some long-running/well established threads, so it does seem odd that the OP feels the need to start yet another?

    Frankly, of all the subjects deserving inclusion in the forum sticky, pocket money must be very high on the list.
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