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    Why do you do not see the requirements to take an animal to Europe ?

    If we leave the EU we will no longer be a part of the Pet Passport system.

    As an outsider the requirements for Rabies cover are longer.

    Only if the Eu give us third country status will we stay in the Pet Passport scheme.

    I don't think that will be uppermost in the withdrawal arrangements, so while it may happen at some time it may not be immediately.

    The UK have said they have no plans at present to change the requirement for entry to the UK but we all know how long 'at present' is for the government.
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    My view was based on a common sense approach, that if you had a pet passport AND were in the EU with them when things are formally ended does your pet suddenly overnight have a greater chance of being a risk for disease because we are in a new day?

    I could go on about common sense but I suspect the occupants of Westminster probably think that is being able to get back to your office after a liquid lunch in one of the public funded bars.
    Wherever you go, whatever you do Richard Marx is right there waiting for you.

    Sweet dreams!
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