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I’m just coming to the end of a Prime Trial and there are some good shows/films that I like. That said I’m frustrated; I spot a film I’d like to watch and what do you know it’s a pay to view movie !

An internet search will show various sites with The Best 100, 50, 25 or whatever films, but that’s just a journalist view. What I’d like to know is there a site anywhere that will give me a complete list of the Free to View Films / Shows on Prime.

As always thanks for the advice



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    Strangely enough yes there is, it's on Amazon Prime...

    Click on 'Your Prime' (top right), click on 'Prime Video' from the option along the top. Both 'TV Shows' & 'Movies' have 'Included with Prime' as an option.

    'Originals' & 'Kids' don't have the option so I'm presuming everything on them is included.
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    OP, I'm off prime at the minute, but in my experience, all the pay to view stuff eventually ends up free, so just need a bit of patience. When I had it, I used to add it to my watchlist and wait for it to be free. Typically does the same with tv series e.g. series 1 and 2 are free, series 3 is ptv, then when series 4 comes out, 3 is free. As Colin says above, you can view Included content by changing the settings.
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