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Car hire firms including Europcar and Sixt make changes to the way they show charges - MSE News

Car hire firms including Europcar and Sixt have made changes to the way they display charges and other key information on their websites, in order to meet commitments made to the competition watchdog...
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'Car hire firms including Europcar and Sixt make changes to the way they show charges'
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  • I wouldn’t touch Europcar with a barge pole. Hired a car from them at Christmas which was unfortunately involved in an accident. Being Christmas they couldn’t provided a replacement,as no spare vehicles,but told me I’d be refunded the balance of the hire period. Instead they deducted the refund from the accident damage, even though I had a CDW excess policy. Not impressed! :mad:
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    Sixt added a 83eu "complementary" charge for insurance to my invoice, saying is was free, "because I booked online". It was even being listed as "complementary" next to the charge of 83eu on the bill !

    Sixt wanted to charge me 600eu for a tiny scratch on one wheel that was on the wheel beforehand.

    You have to sign the "vehicle is fine" contract BEFORE you see the vehicle, which is clearly unfair/invalid.

    Your complaints about existing damage are NOT recorded - they are waved away with "that's ok." - until you return the vehicle, when they get to you to sign that you agree with the damage !

    My advice is to TAKE PHOTOS OF EVERYTHING AT PICKUP and a video of the whole car - inside and out when you pick it up, and talk on the video about when/where you are - ideally getting the car park etc in it.

    Remember that *anything* inside or out not "perfect", must be either on their written paperwork (the one you will sign), or don't accept the car.

    They prey on people who are on a holiday 'high', and think this company will give them the benefit of the doubt. They won't - they will charge you 600 eu to repair, and NOT DO THE REPAIR.

    These additional - unfair and invalid - charges are clearly not costs (or the vehicle would be covered in "repairs", they are way to charge a low daily price, and bump up their profits with "damage" fees that are undue.

    In my case £250 for a week of hire could cost me £850 !


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