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Anyone had any experience changing from storage to panel heaters?

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    MarthaM wrote: »
    I'm hopping on here instead of starting a new thread. We have oil central heating.The living room needs more than the central heating alone to keep it warm in winter and we have a multifuel stove.

    On the days when I don't want to light the stove I want an electric heater. I'm using a wheeled oil radiator but would like something wall mounted.

    "I installed simple panel heaters on the wall.Plug- in and go. They are remote control 1 or 2 kw settings,with a sleek glass frontage. I put one in the living room too for when we dont light the stove."
    This is what I'm looking for, what sort did you get?

    Have a look on the web.There are many designs,and as already stated,all 100% efficient. For us, it works well.Given that electricity will be the way forward in the future,it is a step in the right direction.
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    We just want our home to be modern and appealing when it comes to sell, and also have a little bit more control over the heating!

    I suspect you will slaughter your EPC rating if you get rid of storage heaters, and you won't get any landlords viewing.

    Regarding control, have you discovered these little gadgets:
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    My son also has a 1960s flat which had storage heaters. He has changed them for panel heaters. They are not cheaper, but they are far more controllable and user-friendly, and give instant heat at the time you need it. They also look nicer than storage heaters. For these reasons he much prefers them.

    In actual fact his bill is not much more because he only heats the room he is in.

    I know five lots of people who live in the same block of flats, and they have all changed to panel heaters.

    As you say, modern flats do not have storage heaters and therefore the change may make older flats easier to sell.
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