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    I have this one and my cat drinks from it regularly (making use of the various levels):
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    We've got a PetMate one for our cat. She does seem to drink more from the fountain than when she has her water in a bowl, but the filter cartridges are expensive, and the unit is fiddly to wash. We're on our 3rd one as the pumps have stopped working after a couple of years.

    They're OK, but i wouldn't bother if your cat drinks from a bowl (other than the toilet!)
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    Another vote for Catit.. mine is called 'fresh & clear', looks like a white bucket with a green top. It's an older version without the flower though which makes me sad :( haha.

    I get the filters on amazon or zooplus and replace them every month.

    It's really quiet, usually I can only actually hear it if the water level has got low, and then you get a bit of a trickling noise. Which makes you need a wee if you listen too long, but it's a good reminder that the water needs changing!

    Not had any issues with needing to replace the pump yet, and I've had mine 3 years next month.

    I got it because my cat gets regular cystitis so it's really important she drinks enough. I never had any trouble getting her to drink from metal or ceramic bowls, but I definitely feel she drinks more now from the fountain.
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    I did change the pump on my original fountain, it isn't always necessary to buy a whole new unit. However, the multi-layer 'Catit' got very scruffy looking, with limescale clearly visible at the waterline etc. The enclosed 'flowerpots' are better for this as the waterline is out of sight.
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