Pet water fountains

We've just got two kittens.

We have got fresh water down for them but they keep trying to drink out of the toilet !

I've seen that you can get pet water fountains because they like running water.

Anybody got one ?

Are they worth the investment ?


Jen xx


  • Carer
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    We had one for a while, all 6 cats shunned it.
    They would drink out of the running tap and the dog water bowl though.

    Now they have a stainless steel dog bowl and they all drink out of that fine. For some reason they won't drink out of plastic or ceramic bowls.
  • tealady
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    Cats are funny creatures.
    I found mine preferred water that had "stood" for a while, perhaps they could taste the chemicals in it.
    Try them on boiled, cooled water 1st from a different dish.
    Also just wash their bowls in hand hot water (no detergent), I used to pour boiling water on my pets bowls then leave till water cooled a bit before washing and drying them.
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  • jackieblack
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    I have 2, different designs. One cat prefers one, the other cat prefers the other one. They both also drink from a small bucket outside that catches rainwater and one loves to drink from the tap. Neither will drink from bowls indoors.
    We got them originally as one of the cats has some medical issues and we needed to encourage him to drink more often.

    These are the ones I have.

    They need to be sited close to a power socket - leads are quite short and filters need replacing monthly, but they work well for us.
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  • hb2
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    We got one originally for a cat that needed encouragement to drink and just kept it after that cat was no longer with us.

    The first one we had was like the one in the first link (above), when that broke (needed new motor but was nearly as cheap to get completely new fountain) we got one like the second link. My cat seems have liked them both - and also drinks from the plastic water bowl in another room.

    The 'flower' design is prettier but not as easy to top-up as the water level indicator is inside the 'pot'
    It's not difficult!
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  • TripleH
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    We have a washing up bowl on the balcony used to water plants in. Every morning we have to let the oldest one out to drink from it (her choice as there is a perfectly good bowl in the kitchen). Our other two come and lick the water in our bath after we have a shower..
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  • splishsplash
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    I have the catit flower one in jackieblack's second link. I would recommend it - my cats empty it every few days, but I also leave a bowl of standing water. They seem to use both options.
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  • Robin9
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    I have 2, different designs. One cat prefers one, the other cat prefers the other one. They both also drink from a small bucket outside that catches rainwater and one loves to drink from the tap. Neither will drink from bowls indoors................

    Mine are the same - taps, puddles, sink - completely ignore any water bowl indoors.
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  • suki1964
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    Yep, one of mine likes pond water and is now totally miffed that the netting has been reinforced so he cant get to it

    However both mine will drink from a metal bowl. I change the water daily as they seem to prefer it when its been sat a while and I never use detergent, just hot water to wash
  • itsanne
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    I have the Catit flower one too - got it when it was very hot last summer and neither (house) cat drank out of a bowl. Both cats used it immediately, one from the falling water and the other preferring to lap. They still use it, especially when the water has just been changed.
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  • NaughtiusMaximus
    We had one too, all of the 3 cats we had at the time chose to use the upstairs water bowl instead.
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