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I am a newbie here and looking for a bit of advice please.

I have been through a very difficult divorce with my very bitter ex husband. He took me to court for costs in respect of the divorce, and was only awarded with me paying 50% of his costs as they were excessive (according to the Judge). No date to make the payment on the court order.

We have just been through the financials in court and now that is done I need to sort out payiing the court costs for the divorce.

My question is that I cannot make the £1800 (yes its that much!) in one hit. His solitors are particularly nasty. He has emotionally and financially abused me since seperation and continues to do so. I have offered to discuss a payment plan but I suspect this will be declined. Does anyone know what action they can take? I would like to be prepared.

I cannot afford a solicitor.

Many thanks in advance


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    I have no idea what they can do but just wanted to sympathise. My ex'es new girlfriend's best friend was a solicitor & did his side of the divorce all for nothing. This is 30 years ago & they managed to just keep writing letters to my solicitor about basically nothing or the same thing yet again. They ran my bill up to £5000. Some solicitors & their clients have financial abuse down to an art form!
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