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I have been legally separated from my husband for over 2 years. Our separation agreement states that the costs of divorce proceedings shall be met by the husband and wife equally.
However, I didnt ask for the divorce and as agreed would pay half of the £550 for the court. I don’t see why I have to pay half his solicitors fees though? Am I right to complain?



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    I wouldn't interpret that as you splitting the costs of legal advice, just the costs of the proceedings i.e. the fee - you should both be seeking separate legal advice, so you'd incur (roughly) the same legal advice bill.
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    I only had my free half hour and was advised to pay half of the court fees only. So today when I received a letter from his solicitor saying I had to pay half of the the costs of the divorce plus court fees I wasn’t sure what I am meant to be paying as it wasn’t me that asked for a divorce.
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    If your separation agreement says divorce costs, then it is half of both the legal and court fees.
    If it says court costs, then it would just be half of the £550.

    What has changes since you signed the separation agreement , that you feel you shouldn't pay, despite the agreement?
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    Nothing has changed it’s just that I know you don’t need a solicitor to get a divorce so it is just annoying that he has gone ahead and I have to pay half of it all and I thought I just had to pay half the court fees. Thanks for your replies
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    The main cost of a divorce is spent nerves!
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