Hi guys
What happens when haggling with sky for a better price they call your bluff and say you can leave when I have no other option to go to.?


  • spadoosh
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    You lose that haggle.

    Edit: my dad does this every year with sky. Its a great source of amusement as he vents his spleen down the phone only to go back groveling when the cricket starts again.
  • [Deleted User]
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    But everybody has options, Freeview & Freesat for starters.
  • brewerdave
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    If you are talking about Sky TV package ,then cancel. Its not the end of the world to lose the subscription channels for a few weeks (you will still have access to Freesat from Sky channels). Almost everyone gets some of form of offer once out of subscription.
    One thing I have learnt from 5 or 6 years of haggling with Sky is remain polite!!
  • aroominyork
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    We cancelled Sky a couple of years ago and spent most of the next six months opening envelopes and taking calls from them offering us discounts to come back, which ended up 50% off for a year (maybe longer) if I remember right.
  • almillar
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    If you actually want to stay, just say 'OK, I'll have to check with my wife/boyfriend/pet goldfish and get back to you' and end the call, and then you can try again with a different person on a different day.
  • emerald21
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    Do you have the phone number for cancelling please
  • I have always haggled with Sky when my existing contract is up for renewal or when they raise the price. I plead poverty and say I have to cancel. They always come back with a money saving offer.
  • wild666
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    What bugs me with SKY is if you want just movies or sports you have to have a package you don't want that's why I will never have SKY they rip you off having channels you don't want to watch and have no interest in.
    Someone please tell me what money is
  • onashoestring
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    I have never paid full price for Sky but I’ve had to cancel every time to get a reasonable deal.

    First cancel (Don’t panic, you will not loose the service straight away )

    Then check "My Sky" to see if they are offering you a discount to come back, ( often there will be an offer immediately, sometimes you may have to wait a week ) if you are happy with the discount they are offering , accept their offer & you won’t have any disruption in service, just money in your pocket.

    Please update the forum if you get a good deal :rotfl:
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