Number bedrooms v. occupation

We had intended to down size but ended up upsizing to a five bedroom house.! All sorts of reason for this but actually we are happy with the house. However, for heating and lighting there are only 2 of us using one bedroom + bathroom, drawing room and kitchen.

I am about to either renew with our energy supplier or shop around for a better deal. Clearly if I begin a quote stating 5 bedrooms then the monthly payments are considerably higher than if I stated the number of rooms actually using power.

Practically this makes sense but how would an anergy supplier see this?

Any comments or experiences appreciated.



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    Welcome to the forum.

    You do not need to quote the number of bedrooms.

    Just go to a comparison website and estimate i.e. guess the annual kWh consumption for gas and electricity. Then use permutations of that consumption to find a pattern of the cheapest tariff. The UK annual average consumption is approx 13,000kWh gas and 3,000kWh electricity

    There are many other factors, other than size, that will determine your consumption - standard of insulation, how long you spend in the house, how warm you like rooms, baths or showers etc.
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    Can't you tell what you used in the last 12 months from your previous bills and enter that into the sites???
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