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Manchester Oxford Road bus lane, council demand a second referendum!

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traceynobtraceynob Forumite
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Some one I know (again) got a bus lane ticket by entering Oxford Road from Whitworth Street West. There is NO signage on Whitworth Street West warning of an impending bus lane, and once you turn left onto Oxford Road, you are trapped and cannot change route.

I appealed 4 months ago, and we got told that the appeal decision would be delayed while the adjudicator visited the site to assess the signage. We have received an update today, as below.

.......... please be advised that following a site visit the Adjudicator recently issued a decision allowing specific appeals at this location stating that he believed the signage to be inadequate. However Manchester City Council have exercised their right to challenge this decision by requesting a review of the decision............

So if the council don't like the first result, can they keep going until they get the decision they want? They have already been able to submit a comprehensive pack of information (which unfortunately for them failed to show any adequate signage).

When we appealed we were told the adjudicators decision is final......

Just needed to vent, no response required, we'll just wait and see what the second, third, fourth adjudicators say :(


  • Le_KirkLe_Kirk Forumite
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    Just needed to vent

    There is a sub-forum specifically designed for that, called Praise, Vent & Warnings
  • Snakes_BellySnakes_Belly Forumite
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    This forum is for advice on incidents relating to parking on private land. That said another poster found details of an incident that had been mentioned to me that related to issues with a bus lane. It is the opposite of too little signage however the defendant won their case. I would have used it in the context of too much signage however from your angle it shows that these cases can be won.

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  • Coupon-madCoupon-mad Forumite
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    The Council are entitled to appeal the decision but it looks to me as though the fat lady is likely to be clearing her throat to sing a song in your favour!
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