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    Mary_Rudd wrote: »
    I too am so disgusted with Southern Water. We have always had a water meter.My Average monthly DD has always been £24. Last year we were contacted by them saying our bill had been incorrectly made up and we were now to pay £48 pm until debt was cleared. Today iv spent at least 1 hour on the phone to be told my bills are correct had been looked into and we were continuing to be charged the same £48 pm. When I pointed out that the mistake was down to them last year I was told its the amount of water I’m using. Yet on my bill it says our use age is low 225 daily. I live with my husband in a 2 bed bungalow. We both work full time. I have a credit on my account also they are saying its only £5.78 but have not included my January payment. I ant see how they can justify doubling our DD.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Your consumption of 225litres daily is 82 cubic metres(m3) a year.

    If your Southern Electricity charges are the same as post#1 of this thread this will give you an annual bill of £396 which is £33 a month if you pay 12 installments a year(some companies spread the annual cost over 10 installments)

    So if you have been paying £24 a month it is possible you have built up a debit balance which is being paid off.

    I have a credit on my account also they are saying its only £5.78 but have not included my January payment.

    Credit balances on a water account are meaningless unless they are at the time a bill is produced. e.g. I could have a credit balance on my account of £180 on 31 March and on 01 April receive a bill for £195 and have a £15 debit.
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    "SW Water who have a huge area " , Very true .... It means people have to pay that price if they are living in SW supply area.

    "A company taking over would still have the same workload and restrictions" , A Healthy competition can help local/new businesses to grow and jobs for local people . See what happened since GAS & Electricity regulations came in place , there are hundreds of smaller companies who are offering very competitive prices/tariffs.

    You are not comparing like with like. The gas and electricity networks both run on a national grid system. You can in theory receive your energy from any source on that network, nationwide. The only difference when you change suppliers is a billing change.
    With water, there is no such infrastructure, and the cost of building one and then pumping water between regions would be prohibitive. Hence the heavily regulated regional monopolies.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
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    You are not comparing like with like. ........
    Hence the heavily regulated regional monopolies.

    Again, very valid point “it is not comparing like with like”, agree.
    What is cheaper to produce, to supply, to maintain GAS, Electricity or water?
    At least scientifically and practically, higher tariff charged by SW water compare to other giant utility companies are not comparing like with like, its feel like paying price of Gold to get a Copper.
    “Regional monopolies”
    Thanks for briefing on a point of national grid and boundary control. These Monopolies need to control well by the Regulatory authority to avoid overhanging and ripoff hard-working taxpayers’ money.

    I was looking OFWAT website for charges information and surprisingly I found some other company charges information, however, SW water charges are not listed there and some of very interesting facts, sound like authority is trying to control …. I could not find any specific information about SW charges, perhaps I was looking in wrong page?
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    I too am so disgusted with Southern Water. ..... we were continuing to be charged the same £48 pm. ....on my bill it says our use age is low 225 daily........ I ant see how they can justify doubling our DD.

    Sorry to hear that, sound like you are one of us who is victim of high tariff charged by SW ….
    I can see for the normal usage like 225L/per day, water bill would be around £ 13 /m and Waste water would be ~£ 20 /m. Totalling £ 33/month.
    I’m sure by paying 48 p/m or 33p/m we could get superfast fibre broadband, all UK & international TV channels and phone line. If you are lucky enough, may be some shopping voucher on top of it. (sorry it is not like to like comparison, but it is pay to service comparison ;)
    As suggested by SW on their bill copy, typical usage for 2 people is 274 L per day, so I would say 225 L/per day usage is well within it . For 1-person typical usage is 178, in theory anything below 300 L / per day usage I would give 5 out of 5 stars.
    For 2 People to go below 225L / day usage can bring stressful life or not normal.
    As mentioned in my earlier post nothing much in customer hands due to higher tariff ……………….
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    I’m with southern and yes they are a rip off. I barely use water as I shower at the gym being a fitness instructor and living life there lol. I use minimal water , and it’s like a £5 bill of water and £20 or something silly in standing charges. Shocking
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    Yes I also agree that SW are VERY expensive
    my April 2018 - Oct 2018 bill was £548
    they say I used 780 litres a day on average

    water charge : 142.00 water used
    cost of one cubic metre 136.50p
    standing charge £10.81

    wastewater charge 131.35
    cost for one cubic metre 239.00p
    standing charge £30.40
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