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Hi all,

I hope you can give me some advice.

Four years ago when purchasing my house, I had a water meter installed. I can't remember why I thought this was a good idea but soon after I regretted my decision. I phoned Affinity water about a year later and asked them to remove it. I was certain that I had read on their website somewhere that you could switch back within a certain time limit. They told me over the phone that this was not the case and once the water meter is fitted I am not able to switch back.

However, I heard Martin mention yesterday on his TV programme that if customers aren't happy with their water bills from the meter, they can switch back within the first two years of having it installed.

Does anyone know about these things and can confirm that I heard Martin correctly? Is it worth going back to Affinity Water? Please help!


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    According to the Afinity website - https://www.affinitywater.co.uk/docs/Charges-Scheme-Household-201718-Final.pdf - You have 12 months to revert to charges based on the RV.

    Reverting to non-metered charges
    If your premises are in our East Region, you may revert to non-metered charges provided:
    a. you ask to revert within 12 months of metered charges applying to
    your premises or within 30 days of receiving your second measured charges bill (whichever is the later);

    b.you have not previously opted for metered charges and then reverted to

    non-metered charges;

    c.eitheryou, or any person living with you at the time of opting for

    metered charges remains in occupation of the premises;

    d. the principal use of the premises is as your home; and

    none of the following apply:

    a sprinkler, hosepipe or any other apparatus for watering the garden (unless it is hand held) is used at your premises or yourpremises have a

    swimming pool or pond with a capacity greater than 10,000 litres
    which uses an automatic replenishing system.

    (2)If you are eligible to revert tonon-metered charges,we

    will make this change within 5 working days of your request, but we
    will not remove the water meter.

    (3) If your premises are in ourCentral or Southeast Regions

    you will not be able to revert to non-metered charges as both are compulsory metering areas.
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    I live in London. Would Affinity Water have different rules regarding meters for different regions? Thanks for your help
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    Anji_V wrote: »
    I live in London. Would Affinity Water have different rules regarding meters for different regions? Thanks for your help

    Affinity Water only supply in the 3 areas mentioned


    Note: the meter is never removed once installed.
    If applicable, the customer may revert to billing on a non-metered basis , but if the customer ever moves, the property will be treated as metered for the new occupier.
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    As you are in the Central region it looks as though you can't change back.
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