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Default Las Vegas guide and MSE thread 2019

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    There is a lot of money to be saved by taking advantage of coupons. You will often find coupons in your check in welcome pack from your hotel. You can also get coupons for buffets and rides, by signing up for a Players Club Card in hotels/casinos (see above). Staff often hand out coupons around the casino areas.

    However beware not everyone handing out coupons (even inside the casinos) is trying to save you some money. Las Vegas has pushy timeshare people, if someone is offering free show tickets or trips to the Grand Canyon, be aware that they are probably trying to sell you something. The worst place for timeshare sales people is around the Excalibur and the entrance to the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood. Don't feel rude by ignoring their advances and walk straight past them with a "no thanks".

    It is also a good idea to pick up all free magazines you see. You can often find these in taxis, monorail stations, shopping malls and hotel lobbies. The show coupons in these magazines are usually beaten by going to the Tix4Tonight booths mentioned earlier though.

    If you are really serious about wanting to save some money, it's a good idea to invest in one of the following:

    The Las Vegas Advisor Member Rewards Book will pay for itself very quickly just by making use of one or two of best coupons. By joining LVA for a year's online membership of $37 you get one book of coupons. You can have the book delivered for a charge or pick it up free from the LVA offices in Las Vegas.

    The American Casino guide contains coupons for other cities as well as Las Vegas. There are a number of coupons the same as the LVA Book, so you should probably only need one or the other depending on what you want to save on. This guide costs $13.99.

    Also check out these free coupons, there are several that can be printed off and redeemed for coupon booklets at certain shopping malls.

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    is an online game which is free to play on Facebook and/or the official app, where you play blackjack/slots. The more you play, the more "Loyalty Points" (LPs) you collect, which you can redeem for real-life rewards, for example 2-for-1 cocktails, show tickets, dining credit, hotel rooms, etc. The game is run by the MGM Group, so free rewards are only available for MGM Group Properties.

    To play, you will need a Facebook account, an Mlife account (both are free) and LOTS OF TIME!

    It will take some time to accumulate a lot of LPs, but worth it given it's free. You will be able to redeem 3 real-life rewards in any 30 day window.

    The real-life rewards which are on offer, refresh everyday at 3pm (UK time), and are limited. The popular rewards will sell out very quickly, so being onlnie at 3pm can be vital!

    StuieUK34's advice for playing this game on the PC (ideal if you get your partner to do the same):

    1. Join a myVegas Facebook group (search for "myvegas gifts" on Facebook).

    2. Find the sub heading for 'Add Me or Add Friends', you will get a list of members asking to be added, or you add them. Having more friends will allow you to earn more.

    3. You ideally need a minimum of 50 'vegas friends', but go for 60 at least. Once you have added or accepted friends, you can click on that person, and in the button where it states 'Friends' with a Tick next to it, click on that, remove the tick for 'Show in News Feed', and then click on 'Add to another list', and then choose 'Restricted'. The purpose of this is so you don't see any posts from that 'friend' and they don't see any of your info.

    4. Now you have 60 friends, you need to invite them as 'neighbours', so once in the game, click on 'MORE' button near top left and then choose 'Invite Friends', then select 'myVegas Players'. Click the names in that list and then choose 'Send Invites'.

    5. You will start to see players walking up and down your strip, and those players are your 'vegas friends'

    6. You get a free daily spin, which occurs every 22 hours. By having at least 50 friends, you get a % bonus based on max. 50 friends.

    7. Also, with having friends, you can gift each other, by clicking on 'MORE', and then choose 'Send Gifts'. Do this every day, you get the same in return, this adds to another way of building your stash of playing chips.

    8. While under experience Level 50, you ideally don't want to bet any more than 1000 per spin, and while building hotels, bet low and use the auto spin. 3 good games are 'Excalibur', 'Wild Birds' & 'Bet the Farm'. All have a bit of user interaction. 'Studio City' is
    the only game to spin through right until the bonus round (where you do a few clicks).

    (Thanks to StuieUK34 for writing this info!)
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    Tips on getting travel insurance can be found on Martin's Travel Insurance page.


    July and August are often disliked because of the intense heat (100F+).
    January and December are quiet months (hotel pools often close down October-March). That said Las Vegas is a year-round destination. Many consider the best months to visit as April/May, September/October. Prices for UK flights in traditional UK holiday months of June to early September always seem much more expensive than April/May (excluding bank holidays and Easter of course), yet April/May are better times to visit. By avoiding the traditional UK holiday season, you could save a considerable amount of money on your fligh.


    Aside from the usual holiday things make sure you take a comfortable pair of walking shoes: it can be 15 minute walk from your hotel room to The Strip. It's a fair bet that no matter what your mode of transport around The Strip, you will still be doing a fair amount of walking within the casinos.


    Using the MSE Travel Money website is a great start to learn about using cash abroad. To get more $ for your £, consider getting your cash well in advance of your trip. Also read up on different cards you can take to minimise costs and fees on transactions abroad. Be aware that taking cash out of ATMs can be expensive, with a fee for using the machine, as well as your card taking a percentage fee. Avoid using ATMs in many casinos, as these will carry the highest charges. By reducing the number of times you use ATMs, will reduce the charges, so for example think about withdrawing $200 in one go, rather 4x withdrawals of $50.


    As with most places in the US, tipping is the etiquette when receiving any kind service (bell hops, cocktail waitresses, valet, concierge, taxis, meals, etc...). offers a comprehensive resource for all things tipping.


    Please read this MSE guide. Phone cards are also a good option, but don't buy the cards found in the casino, places like CVS and Walgreens have better value cards. You can purchase a mobile phone from Walmart for around $30, including airtime. If you are a couple and need to split up, 2 of them could be useful.

    Many UK mobile operators are getting better at offering reasonable prices for usage abroad, check your operator.

    As an example, Three operates the "Feel At Home" service, which basically lets you use your UK tariff abroad (currently limited locations, but USA is included). If you are not a Three customer, you can simply get a free Three Pay As You Go sim, purchase an Add On package (for £10 or £15) and use minutes, texts and data in the USA at no extra cost. If you are a new Three customer, you will have needed your sim card for 30 days before you can use Feel At Home (so just remember to order and activate it in plenty of time!) Full details can be found here.

    You can also use this pay-as-you-go sim card from T-Mobile (US network) is recommended. For a nominal charge for the SIM card (around $1, sometimes free), you can get unlimited talk, text (domestic) and web for $3/day. For $10/month you can get unlimited international talk/text. This SIM card is only available to purchase in America, so either purchase/activate one when you arrive, or if you have a friend in the US who can mail one to you, that will work.


    Apps appear all the time, but some useful ones are from TripAdvisor.

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    MSE member Trip Reports


    Usually when MSE members have come back from a Vegas trip, they're encouraged to write a trip report, detailing what they got up to (as little or as much!) - this helps imminent visitors with any current offers, shows, news, deals and interesting info, so they don't miss out!

    November: Jon1970
    October: Brats64 mini-report
    September: vegasvisitor (posted as they were there) 1 2 3 4 5 6
    July: kroberts
    May: stevenhp1987
    May: StuieUK34 1 2 Follow-up
    May: Stew68
    February: martmonk

    September - Brats64
    July - red_pad
    June - StuieUK34 1 2 3
    June - dontone
    June - Hovis91
    June - bobbyhibs
    May - Seldom Seen Kid
    May - bubble113
    April - ferf1223
    March - Vanilla8

    18 Aug - bubble113 1 2 (trip date 6-8 Aug)
    1 Aug - ajdj (trip date 16-30 Jul)
    4 Mar - Yinster (trip date late Feb)
    18 Jan - lizzielie (trip date Dec/Jan)
    17 Jan - Hovis91 (trip date Nov 2014)

    3 Dec - eva11 1 2 (trip date Nov)
    3 Dec - jadamcp (trip date 25 Nov-2 Dec)
    2 Nov - ferf1223 (trip date Oct)
    12 Oct - nvh (trip date Sept)
    24 Sept - nykied (trip date 12-18 Sept)
    21 Sept - wr1ght (trip date 2-12 Sept)
    13 Sept - bubble113 (trip date 16-28 Aug)
    6 Sept - becksta (trip date 27 Aug-5 Sept)
    26 Aug - totallybored (trip date 8-19 Aug)
    10 Aug - lizzielie (trip date 28 May-10 Jun)
    19 Jul - bobbyhibs (trip date 6-13 Jul)
    14 Jul - stoneman (trip date June)
    17 Jun - rorylando45 (trip date 17-24 Jun)
    6 Jun - StuieUK34 (trip date 19 May-2 Jun)
    27 Apr - secretmachines (trip date 17-25 Apr)
    5 Apr - pm04gn (trip date 28 Mar-2 Apr)
    29 Jan - alictait (trip date 23 Dec-8 Jan)

    25 Sept - nvh (trip date 2-12 Sept)
    7 July - roryorlando45 (trip date 21-29 June)
    6 July - Hovis91
    4 July - vanilla8 (trip date June)
    4 July - ratkarth 1, 2 (trip date 1-8 July)
    6 June - StuieUK34 (trip date May)
    28 May - stu1892 (trip date 15 May)
    12 May - Wendell Pierce (trip date Apr)
    12 May - ferf1223 (trip date Mar)
    11 May - lizzielie (trip date Apr?)
    11 May - photome (trip date Apr/May)
    17 Apr - martmonk (trip date 13 Mar)
    4 Apr - Vern58 (trip dates Mar)
    18 Feb - Spursman180 (trip dates early Feb)
    11 Feb - stevie11 (trip dates Jan/Feb)
    30 Jan - marsman802 (trip dates 21-27 Jan)

    2012 (date is when report was posted, not necessarily time of trip)
    5 Jan - Zaffi
    25 Feb - rpstdavids
    31 Mar - jadamcp 1, 2
    3 Apr - photome
    4 Apr - costingbunny
    11 Apr - vern58
    12 Apr - roryorlando
    13 Apr - bitgiggy
    27 Apr - gill247 1, 2, 3
    17 May - buzz78
    22 May - foosterino
    14 Jun - parcival
    10 Sept - rahven
    10 Sept - alisonofagun
    16 Sept - secretmachines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    23 Sept - credit_crunch
    23 Sept - lesley74
    21 Sept - scottishnellie 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
    15 Oct - Glenbois
    30 Nov - Seldom Seen Kid 1, 2, 3, 4
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    2019 is up and running :). Any Vegas plans for 2019?
  • yep, when credit card bill from xmas arrives it should hopefull add enough miles to the virgin account to start looking at flights.
    saving for more holidays
  • stevie11stevie11 Forumite
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    Thanks for the new thread Dan. We like to visit in December so will start planning once flight schedules are released.
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    April here we come!

    Still can't work out why the last few days in April are really pricey in some hotels! So we booked a little earlier.

    Direct flights with Virgin/Delta LHR-LAS, inc seats and luggage, 7 nights at the Palazzo for £875pp. Really happy with that.
  • stevie11stevie11 Forumite
    682 posts
    April here we come!

    Still can't work out why the last few days in April are really pricey in some hotels! So we booked a little earlier.

    Direct flights with Virgin/Delta LHR-LAS, inc seats and luggage, 7 nights at the Palazzo for £875pp. Really happy with that.

    You got a good deal there. I spotted a deal on the BA sale for our 9 nights in Dec for £700 all in for Palazzo or Venetian. The only down side is direct from Lgw, rather than preferred airport of Man. I wouldn't have minded too much if it was Lhr. Still pondering.
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    I've seen this deal with MGM properties through Mlife programme - I think this is a smashing offer what do you think??

    MGM Grand - 9 nights - 4 nights free/comped for a total cost of $306 (total for whole 9 day stay!) plus resort fees and taxes of $419 making a total cost of $725 PLUS $50 resort credit AND $50 freeplay.

    I have one extra question can I have the freeplay above and the $50 freeplay by using the LP points from the My Vegas game - I have plenty of points to cover this?
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