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Frump to Fab 2019 - Here We Go Again

edited 3 April 2019 at 12:33PM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    FrankieM wrote: »
    Thank you LL for your lovely response. It just all feels so hard sometimes.

    I can feel that at 45, the best of my life is behind me and this is it and it's just not what I planned for myself. And just when I think I've worked through all that, it bites me again and I feel miserable about it all over again...sigh...

    But, you're right, I'm managing something and that's the thing to focus on. :)

    thats my girl.......:D. Up and at 'em.

    I suggest you think about your "why". Not just what you want to achieve or how much you weight you want to lose but also "why". What really matters to you.

    Everyone's "why" will be different but I think by making it more personal to our needs, wants, circumstances etc it really helps us to focus on what we want to achieve.

    It doesn't matter whether your why is frivolous or worthy, ideally it could be a mixture of both. What matters is that it is important to you.

    At 45 you are young and have your whole life ahead of you. The best is yet to come. And I say this as a 67 year old who has suffered a fair share of slings and me you get through this and a rosy golden future awaits you.

    Just picture yourself........Fab at 50, in a fabulous Knock em dead dress, dancing and celebrating your birthday. That vision is there just waiting for you.

    Good luck on your journey. Share it with us, let the fabulous ladies on here help, support and encourage you.
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Good morning lovely ladies

    Happy Vernal Equinox......Spring has sprung. Wahoo. :D. Lighter evenings and warmer days are on their way.

    Does anyone of a certain age remember this song.

    "Summer is a coming in, loudly sing cuckoo". (Sorry can't do a link). They used to play it on the radio on school broadcasts when I was in the infants. It's such a jolly rousing tune. We all used to love it and sang with gusto, raising the roof.

    As our kids would say.......a bangin tune. :rotfl:

    Apparently today is National Happiness Day so perhaps it's time to think about what makes us happy.

    Some people spend their whole lives chasing the Blue Bird of Happiness but never seem to find it. Like Eeyore they go through life with a big dark cloud hanging over them.

    Some people seem to be naturally possessed of some mysterious happiness gene, always content, always smiling. My mum was just such a lady, always serene, gentle and at peace with herself.

    That is not to say that she didn't have moments of melancholy and despair - she did, she had episodes of depression, but she always held hope in her heart and always took pleasure in small things.

    She was a natural optimist, like myself. But I think optimism isn't merely inherent, that you are either born with it or you aren't. I think optimism can be learned, that it is an acquired skill.

    Ladies. Today is the first day of spring, a time for happiness, joy, optimism and new beginnings......and yes, a perfect time for nest fabbing.:rotfl:

    Enjoy the day.
  • nice, this is good good luck.
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    mamanmaman Forumite
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    FrankieM wrote: »
    I can feel that at 45, the best of my life is behind me and this is it and it's just not what I planned for myself. And just when I think I've worked through all that, it bites me again and I feel miserable about it all over again...sigh...

    But, you're right, I'm managing something and that's the thing to focus on. :)


    More seriously Frankie. That really isn't true. You could easily be just half way through your life and there's so much to look forward to. :A

    You're doing the right thing sorting out your weight which will have massive health benefits and do so much to improve how you feel about yourself.

    I can see why you're not spending on clothes while you go through dress sizes. You're doing the right thing to have different treats like some jewellery or make up. I did much the same when I was getting to my target weight although I did buy the odd thing from the CS and had to buy some cheapish (Matalan) basics to look presentable for work.

    Good to see you posting willow. You must have returned to the thread when I was away. Are you still with the same BF? Working? Excuse my natural nosiness. :o

    Being Wednesday, it's fashion day in my newspaper:). There are two main articles. One is about wearing pattern so you don't end up looking like you're wearing a pair of curtains! (Reminds me of the Sound of Music!:D). I have noticed a lot more pattern around but other than my floral maxi dress I don't wear much, especially in winter. Almost all my clothes are block colours except for a few scarves. Talking of scarves, those patterns that Hermes is famous for with bright colour and gold chain designs seem to be back in lots of shirts and things, even in Primark. The other article featured is about finding something really special in the shops. I'd agree there's an awful lot of 'stuff' which I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy. The editor's idea of special is a new range coming out this week in H&M. I can't see anything online about it yet. I do hope they get the sizing right this time as their William Morris range was great but they seem to flood the shops with tiny (size 4-8) garments that just stayed on the rails.

    There was another small feature about basket bags, I remember baskets being a must have at one time. This one is £295 at Net a Porter!:eek:

    It's just a bog standard basket with a leather insert. I don't think it'll be a trend for me as all I remember is that they catch on your clothes.:(

    Today's going to be a good exercise day for me. This afternoon I'm out for a walk although it won't be as brisk as usual as it's linked with sightseeing. This evening I'm dancing again. It's dull but mild here so won't need to get too wrapped up for my walk.:)
  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    I like that people on here are quoting my Japanese signature. :cool:

    I am in a bit of a bad mood these last couple of weeks. The GP told me I may have pernicious anaemia and a thyroid problem. I am trying to get rid of fibromyalgia at the moment (the 6 month treatment ends next month) so being told I have extra health problems is not exactly great timing.:mad::mad::mad:

    I'm wondering if the thyroid issue is why I gained so much weight and why I have found it difficult to lose weight again.:(

    I'm still only down by 4 pounds in 2 weeks.

    One good thing on the fabbing front is that I changed my pyjamas over to some silky black bottoms and low neck black tees and they look quite good. If I do say so myself.:D I got rid of the old pyjamas as I took to heart what was said on here about what you wear at home.
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Yes, Wednesday I nicked the proverb from you. I love it. :D

    4lbs in two weeks is better than nowt. :rotfl: that's what I've lost, I'm happy with that. I'm just glad i have got off the plateau and managed to kick start the loss again. Sorry to hear about your further health issues, hopefully you will tackle those too.

    It's glorious here now. I'm off out. Nip to Asda for a few bits and then get out in the garden.
  • humptydumptybitshumptydumptybits Forumite
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    Well I'm not feeling very fab. Elderly relative taken very ill so I did a 400 round trip yesterday. It did cheer her up but she is in a bad way. Looking after my lovely GD today so was up at 6 am and I'm starting to flag.

    I look on the positive side, at 65 I'm still up to a 400 mile drive, looking after DH and still able to get up at 6 am for a lively 2 year old. I don't think that is bad going and long may it last.

    Hope everyone is well, haven't caught up on what I've missed but I will have a read through.
  • silvasavasilvasava Forumite
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    Frankie - think you've started a trend! There are a good many of us mature ladies on here (including me at 73) who have either regained their zest for life or never lost it. At 45 you're a youngster so take heart - age IS just a number.
    I've decided over the last year to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself working on the premise that you only regret the things you didn't do!
    Small victories - sometimes they are all you can hope for but sometimes they are all you need - be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle
  • chaniechanie Forumite
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    Silva I love your mantra of taking advantage of opportunity. Even if you don’t like what you try, at least you will know.

    Humpty I hope your relative recovers quickly.

    Wednesday I love the sound of your silky pjs.
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  • humptydumptybitshumptydumptybits Forumite
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    Thank you chanie, unfortunately she won't as she has very advanced dementia. It is very sad to see the shell of the person she was.
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