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* Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas * - It's the 2019 Christmas Chatter Thread

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    Inspired by the vigorous forward planning I am now the proud owner of two rolls of wrapping paper (one a handsome tartan that will suit Any Occasion), four packs of gold tissue paper and two bottle bags.

    Also some fridge magnets for updating photos without the use of digital technology, as they made me grin evilly.
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    Well had a bit of a wierd day I had a hospital appt the last one for my ear issue in October, it turns out although I did have an ear infection it wasn’t the cause of my pain , the right side of my jaw is dislocating and that’s where the ear pain is from ! Wasn’t expecting that .

    Next time it happens my GP has to refer me to an oral surgeon , a quick look on Dr google it’s more than likely loose ligaments at fault .

    We went to the denaby outlet on NYD and I found a lovely little rag doll for my niece but other than “made in China” there was no age recommendations or safety markings so I didnt bother . I thought all toys had to have safety markings .

    I am in full throttle birthday mode for dd now got lots of ideas but a lot aren’t available for a few more weeks .
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    Chrissy- OUCH! That sounds nasty x
    lovin' this site!
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    murie wrote: »
    Chrissy- OUCH! That sounds nasty x

    Quite painful at times , just wierd how the pain is inthe bone behind my ear not my jaw . I pressed the jaw area today and pain shot up my ear so I guess the Dr knows what she’s talking about .
  • House is now de Christmas'ed and looks so empty. Bought some new home accessories for the hall and landing so it looks a little better.

    Currently looking at weekends away for next December to try to cheer myself up as it's so grey and miserable and really not looking to going back work on Monday xx
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    Finally got unblocked. Had to message admin back and forth a few times to sort it out. Not sure what happened and why I was blocked in the first place. Been here 10 years and never had that happen.

    Glad to be back. Even though I only post once/twice a week, I come every day to read or visit other threads.

    I’ve started the new year off in a positive note. I applied for a Barclaycard and got a 0%balance transfer. This gives me a chance to get my credit card paid off and not just interest, but also positive that I was accepted! It’s taken me years to get rid of most debt and build up my credit again. The credit card was a huge car bill this autumn. Up until then I was debt free. I’m determined to get it gone ASAP.

    I picked up lots of reduced Christmas cards, wrapping paper and bows at MrT. All for 25p-50p each.
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    Yay, welcome back NIC, glad you got it sorted out. :j
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
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    Waves to all those who remember me lol really had a rubbish year last year so didn't really post as there was far too much doom and gloom for a xmas post.. Cross fingers this year will be a whole lot better!

    Xmas came and went far too quickly. In fact i would happily do it all again lol Already started this years shopping, got 6 chamilia charms for £26 with a fab discount and codes just before xmas so those are going away for this year. Few bits in boots, superdrug and wilkos sales. Not really sure on this years gifts to look out for, my girls are no longer girls (well one is the rest are between 17-23) so i might start to grab kitchen gadgets for my dd2 as she's making noises of getting a place for herself and her bf the year after. Dd1 lives with my mum atm as she became allergic to our old dog and didn't think it was fair to rehome a 13yr old dog lol good excuse to leave home huh lol.

    Its my stepdads 60th bday this year so need to think of something to get him for that.

    Our budget has been cut in half since the girls have got older. Which isnt too much of a hastle but we are budgeting and planning lots so i can still be a stay at home mum until my youngest is in secondary school. I'm still crafting so may come up with some gift ideas i can make.. we shall see.

    Its fab to see so many old names still here :D hope you're all well and looking forward to catching up with you all... i will try and post more instead of just reading, i promise!
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    Lovely to ‘hear’ from you msgigglewick. :)

    Nic Welcome back! Good news regarding the credit card. Hopefully once the balance transfer is cleared you might be able to build up a small amount of savings.
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  • good to see you back msgigglewick

    I accidentally found myself buying some christmas milestone cards in next today reduced to 50p (actually said 75p on them but reduced more when I got to the till ;) originally £3.50). I guess they are for use children, but they aren't too childish (other than written letter to santa one) I thought they might be fun to use for instagrgam posts next Christmas :D

    Not christmas specific but Amazon have a get £6 when you buy a £30 gift card offer on. the £6 you have to use by march but the giftcard I don't think has a date. I have already managed to misplace the gift card I received for Christmas though >.< I thought it was under the tree somewhere, tree has gone, no gift card has appeared >.< Oops!
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