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* Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas * - It's the 2019 Christmas Chatter Thread

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  • princesskitty29princesskitty29 Forumite
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    Hi all, I hope you had the most wonderful Christmas! :xmastree: Sorry I didn’t get on to post at the time, I had a busy day hosting this year. I was quite annoyed at myself as despite planning for Christmas all year and getting most things ahead I still had loads to do in the lead up to Christmas! Next year when I say I’m going to start wrapping in October and writing cards in November please hold me to it, as I didn’t do it AGAIN this year and so was really busy in the lead up. I almost need a buddy to regularly check in that I’m doing it. :p I know I could wrap presents as I buy them throughout the year but I do prefer to do it nearer winter.

    We had a lovely Christmas day with the in laws at ours, then we went to the theirs on Boxing Day with DH’s brothers and families, that’s always a nice day. We were all packed and ready to go to my parents in the West Country on the 27th when we realised that Wiggle had chicken pox! It’s not surprising as most of his class were off with it before Christmas. It was disappointing not to go to my parents but we’re glad he got through most of the festivities before getting poorly. Although it does feel like we haven’t ‘finished’ Christmas, normally I’m ok afterwards but I’m struggling to let go of it this year! It probably is just because we haven’t seen my parents. We’re still hoping to go but we’re sure Squeak will get it as well so it may be a few weeks before we get there.

    My 2019 Christmas spreadsheet is set up and ready to go! I had a quick mooch in the shops the other day and founds some lovely things, I’ve practically finished my best friends birthday presents and got various bits and bobs for others for Christmas. I do love present buying, I’m not great at shopping in general as I get a bit fed up but really enjoy it when shopping for gifts for people. Anyway I’m rambling now, sorry for the long post, I hope you’re all well and I’m looking forward to more chatter in 2019!

    Hello and welcome all newbies, lovely to have you here! :wave:

    3forholidays thank you once again for starting a new thread, you really do a great job and it’s much appreciated.

    Treasurequeen sorry you weren’t feeling too well on Christmas day.

    CHRISSYG Happy belated birthday!! Your poor DD, she has been through it hasn’t she. I hope the meds help her and she has a much better year in 2019.

    teabody welcome! I plan to cut my cards up this year to make labels, it’s something I used to do for my mum as a child but as an adult I got caught up in making all my wrap and tags match, now I’m much more into reusing and recycling and realise the present still looks exciting!

    apricity sounds like you’re on track for Christmas 2019 already! Like you 2019 is the year to completely declutter and organise my home. I started a few months ago but it’s slow progress with two little ones and then I stopped for Christmas. I’m fed up with clutter and realise it is because we have too much stuff and not everything has a home.

    MischiefManaged welcome, just wanted to say I love your name! :D
  • muriemurie Forumite
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    3forholidays- Thank you for setting up this years chatter- you are a star!

    Chrisssy- Happy (belated) Birthday xx
    Welcome Newbies- we are a friendly bunch, not just Christmas obsessed, just good at all round 'nattering'.

    Im glad everyone has had a good christmas (PK- poor Wiggle, hope they both get it over and done with soon x).
    We had a lovely Christmas, which was nice as it was far more relaxed than it has been in recent years. Ive not been tempted by anything in the sales (yet), although i did buy a birthday present for moms birthday (mid january). Ive started saving too, and have two 'pots' on the go, one for Christmas and one for birthdays. The Christmas savings worked well last year ( I get shopping for my mom every week and i ask her to put the money she owes into a 'fund' for me rather than paying me back). Hopefully I will be as strict with myself with the birthday 'pot'.

    Whats everyone doing for New Year? We just do a big meal on New Years Eve and then TRY to stay awake to see the New Year in.

    Im not big on making resolutions but Im aiming to lose weight (again!), try hard not to keep things 'just in case' (I could open a shop with the number Of Yankee Candle jars I have washed out !) and generally be more relaxed and not stress about things I have no control over.

    If I dont get back on .....

    Happy New Year everyone!!
    lovin' this site!
  • DigForVictoryDigForVictory Forumite
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    Can an intermittent lurker join? Most of my planning for 2019 is now about getting the 2018 decorations packaged correctly so the electrical things either work or just need new batteries next December.

    Back in 2017, I wrapped tinsel around a few cards and that unfolded very easily & so I'll be snipping short slots into a few of the thicker cards this year - I could riffle through them like bobbins earlier this month & it was wonderful to pull the right stuff out easily!

    Giftwrap? Awed - I am just so bad at packing that I tend to go vast on tissue then get nice shopping bags (and my family like the designer names like Cath Kidston & Orla Kiley so hurrah Tesco!) and route bags to different families. Mind, I live within range of Booths ('Waitrose of the North') so I have access to even more exotic bags for the family who are less into designer names.

    In the sales I've snagged several more battery powered strings of LED lights, spem as much as 75 pence! The lads are not big on decorations but tolerate my love of lights.
  • 3forholidays3forholidays Forumite
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    Welcome to the thread DigForVictory. Intermittent lurkers are accepted! We are all a bit like that at times when real life gets in the way.
    A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realise how blessed you are.

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  • Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

    Currently planning for the year ahead. 2 tins set up. Both for breaks on the next 2 years.

    No big holiday this year as we really need a new bathroom so were surprising the kids with a short trip to Disneyland Paris in December. I've worked out how much I need to save. Once I've planned everything I'm really disciplined.

    Got a couple of pressies to put away for next year. Made a list and a budget to stick to. Me, dh, sister, mum and step dad all save £10 each a week to cover all pressies and £5 each a month to cover food and booze for Christmas day, boxing day, NYE, and NYD. So starting to feel nice and organised.

    Going in to town Thursday or Friday to try to bag some bargains. Like to get little bits I end up buying every year, pjs, Christmas socks, candles etc
  • freespirit66freespirit66 Forumite
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    Afternoon everyone, glad all our year round hard work paid off! I usually like all my decs down before NY but last year and this year, I’m just not ready :D I think I’m going to leave them til the 5th. Then the kids will be home from work and can help me. I also bought wrapping paper and tags and crackers in Sainsbury’s sale, I also got some crackers in bnm, I was a bit disappointed because bnm were advertising rose gold baubles but they didn’t have them in the stores before or after Christmas :(

    I always stay in NYE and stay up n watch the fireworks, last year I cba and went to bed then got woken up by local fireworks going off :D so I shall stay up tonight. Tomorrow I’ll have all the kids, DDs partner and DGS over for Roast Beef. I hope you all have a Happy New Year and hope 2019 will be a fab year for everyone, see you on the other side

    TREASUREQUEEN sorry you felt so unwell on Christmas Day

    3FORHOLIDAYS thankyou for the new thread (can’t remember if I already said it)

    PEPPAPIG yay go you making your tear n share bread :j I hope you are feeling better now

    NIC glad you had a great Christmas you deserve it! Happy Hogmanay :o

    PRINCESSKITTY aah bless poor Wiggle hope it’s nearly gone now

    WELCOME to all the new Christmas nuts
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  • :(Looks like my post was reported. My IP address has been banned and a message from admin. I am on my phone using 3G. But I can’t use it very well. The site is too hard to navigate.
    Not sure I will be back anytime soon. Not if I can’t post for advice.

    Hope you all have a good New year when it comes.
    Take care x
  • SystemSystem Community Admin
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    Community Admin
    Thanks for the birthday wishes - had a lovely quiet day .

    We usually stay in NYD but have decided to visit Denaby outlet for a change .

    I probably won't be on again so ;

    Happy New Year
  • PeppapigPeppapig Forumite
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    I must have missed your post NIC, why on earth would anyone report you? Please don’t disappear. I found some good needle felting tutorials on line so I’m definitely going to do it. I’ll start with a kit and if I get on ok I’ll branch out.

    FREE I’ve taken all my decs down but not the outside lights, I can’t bring myself to do it. I like the openness without the decorations but I’m really missing all the fairy lights. I was going to keep a set out, got them all arranged and then snapped the adapter trying to plug them in:o

    Well as I’ll be partying later (actually watching tv or sleeping) I’d just like to say

    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
  • Abbafan1972Abbafan1972 Forumite
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    Happy New Year to everyone!

    Hope you don't mind but I am an intermittent lurker.

    My tree will be coming down today, as I'm back at work tomorrow.

    Have taken the cards down and put them in the recycling, I don't tend to have lights outside, so not much to take down.

    We stayed in last night and watched some TV, namely "Birdbox" on Netflix which I enjoyed and found a little bit sad, to be honest.

    See you soon hopefully! x
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