* Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas * - It's the 2019 Christmas Chatter Thread



  • mrsinvisible
    mrsinvisible Forumite Posts: 1,310 Forumite
    Mrs Giggleswick, how lovely to have you back. Hope 2019 will be a great year for you. Have been reading but not posting, but now the grandnibs are back in China, and l have had 1 or2trips to the sales there will be bargains to be had. Got lovely wrapping paper from Wilk* and gift tags, some lovely bits from Superdr@g well less than half price. Also got some new shiny baubles and decorations for next year. I have ordered a Christmas tree in the Marks and spensive sale too. Waiting for the Boots 70% off sale, (have heard it will be this coming Friday) then if it goes to plan l will be sorted except for the nibs.
    Now l am going to boast a little. DGS as you all know is not at all academic, so when he got a distinction for work on his Animal care exam , l have to share it with you. Boast over, now time for bed.
  • Peppapig
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    MRSINVIS well done to DGS, you boast all you like :j
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
  • Mischiefmanaged
    Mischiefmanaged Forumite Posts: 22 Forumite
    Hi All

    Bought a few more bits and pieces in the last week. Crackers from Sainsbury's and a few bits a piece for stockings. Resisted the urge to buy too much stuff for both dd's. It's just so easy to buy for my girls.

    Encouraged my mum to get going early. So far she's bought daughter in law, 2 son in laws and 5 granddaughters. I took her in Argento and the had lovely necklaces reduced from over £20 to £5. There really nice and there's some nice stuff online.

    Got a few birthdays coming that I've just about sorted so everythings coming along nicely x
  • msgigglewick
    msgigglewick Forumite Posts: 954
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    yay mrs invis .. .any moons ago i did a animal management course before starting vet training (didn't complete due to severe allergies to cats developed, not ideal huh lol) anyway fabulous news! hope he goes far!

    My dd3 got her english resits results today... shes passed... phew lol apparently only 31% of those who resat their exams passed today.. how low is that! not sure the new style gcse's are fair with those pass scores.

    Waiting on the boots sale and was sure it was going to be tomorrow but looks like its def not happening tomorrow now. hope its not next wednesday or i can't go.

    nothing else much happening here atm.

    and ty for the welcome back! :D
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  • mrsinvisible
    mrsinvisible Forumite Posts: 1,310 Forumite
    Well done Giggles daughter. I don't think the new gcses are a fair reflection either.
    l was waiting for the boots sale too. Felt hopeful yesterday when l passed the store, all the 50% signage was removed, but so far nothing on line.
    l don't really need much, but however hard l try, l cant resist going. (bit like DDIL who goes to the next sale every boxing day queueing from 4.30am) as much a part of Christmas as a trip to the pantomime. Bought a new Christmas tree in M&S sale, £5 for DD as hers has bitten the dust, and one for me too for the kids to decorate.
    Other than that l haven't bought much at all in the sales.
    Busy looking through the seed catalogues to see what l will grow this year. Thinking about plug plants too for the ones that are poor germinators or expensive seeds, it may be more economical.
    DD is getting her stairlift hooray. Wont be till the new financial year, but we can wait that long. Happy Christmas thoughts, all, need coffee.xx
  • 3forholidays
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    Happy birthday to Newthrift! Hope that you had a wonderful day.
    A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realise how blessed you are.

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  • nic2075
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    I was in boots on Thursday. They were moving stuff about, but just condensing I think. I have my eye on a few things, so I’ll keep an eye out next week.

    Anyone doing Veganuary? I didn’t manage. But I’ve continued on with our meat free Monday, baked potato Wednesday and meal planning. I’m proud I’ve stuck to it this far into Jan, and enjoying it. I’ve spent so much less a week on shopping, and zero waste. Trying to have more meat free days. Healthy choices including lentils and chick peas etc. So far so good.

    My Christmas bargain, was some warm white led lights from Tesco. £7.50 down to £1.50. They will go on my tree at the door next year. This year a bulb went in my traditional lights. I couldn’t find a replacement bulb. So I used my led cherry blossom tree. Which I hated, as I use it all year round. So it wasn’t Christmassy enough.
  • nic2075
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    Happy birthday newthrift, x
  • mrsinvisible
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    happy birthday Newthrift. Giving today to the queen, as CBA to do anything productive. (l can feel my gran's beady eye on me, reproachful).Had DS" up earlier, he has another perforated eardrum, at least when it perforates, the pain goes.
    DN started her maternity leave yesterday, so in future on Wednesdays l will have DGN and DN visiting. Looking forward to that, and the arrival of baby2 too.
    Ok gran, you win, l will do some knitting.
  • teabody
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    So i have started by setting up a standing order in order to build some savings which hopefully can be used towards xmas 2019 but I am also looking for homemade ideas that I can be starting now. Any ideas/suggestions appreciated. I am keen to start knitting or something similar that may also benefit myself in terms of hobby and enjoyment so would love to know where to start. I have seen some large knit blankets online recently and think these would be a lovely gift...any ideas where to get 'large' wool yarn please?
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