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* Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas * - It's the 2019 Christmas Chatter Thread

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  • nic2075nic2075 Forumite
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    I’m feeling excited as we head into the last week of school, and then go on our first overseas family holiday. I’m dreading the long drive with the kids poking each other the whole way. But I have organised loads of car activities, puzzle books, organisers for the back of the seats for iPads and snacks etc. Got tons downloaded on Netflix. Music playlists. So they better not be too bored! I got 3 neck cushions too. The 2 I got in Savers have hoods attached! So the two eldest can hide in their hoods and ignore us :D

    Been plodding away at surveys and made another £35 this month towards our holiday spending money. I plan to go tomorrow to get Euros. :j
  • vulpixvulpix Forumite
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    I am so pleased for you Nic.It will be amazing and a time the kids will always remember.xx

    Well the best laid plans n all that! Quelle surprise I have been poorly! I have had a kidney infection.Goodness me I was rough. Got antibiotics now which are bossing it.

    The sales so far are £2,750.Staggering as you would expect the house to be empty but it has made no difference what so ever.

    CC you are so good for teaching yourself how to crochet.I find the older I get the less I can be bothered learning new stuff,hangs head in shame.I am however trying to improve my knitting and move on from when I learned at 4. I have been making baby clothes but when I get stuck with the pattern I send it to my Mum who is 85 and partialy sighted.It is hilarious as she phones me and tells me what I have done wrong.My Mum is and always has been a very skilled craftswoman.Embroidery,lace making,sewing,knitting second to none.I am a very poor imitation though people at my craft group think I am brilliant.If I was only half as good as my Mum. The thing about crafts for me is,I love doing it but don't want the type of home full of crafts.Saying that I have made my sitting room curtains,tapestry cushion and huge embroidered picture lol.

    My SIL has had a turn for the worse and a stay in hospital.She is out for the weekend then back in for tests and operation to remove 2/3 of her liver.Poor,poor old girl.

    I hope you are all well and enjoying the slight reprieve from the rain,what a difference to last year eh?

    Mwah xxxV
  • PeppapigPeppapig Forumite
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    VULPIX I’m the same, there are lots of crafts I’d like to try but I wouldn’t actually want the end result. Hope your SIL can stay comfortable and that the surgery goes well. Love the names you’ve chosen for your kitties. If DH does soften on the no more pets front I’m toying with Tyrian and Denaerys (Game of Thrones).

    NIC I am in awe of your planning skills for the long car journey. It always throws me when your schools break up lol. Hope you have a fabulous holiday.

    We’ve had a lovely garden themed weekend with the Blenheim Palace Flower Show on Friday and the Woburn Abbey Garden Show on Sunday. The big news is that I’ve broken my own rule and started my Christmas shopping before July by getting the pressies for my sister and BIL while I was there so win win:D
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
  • TreasurequeenTreasurequeen Forumite
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    Sainsbury’s/Argos online have men’s memory foam slippers down to £5.00. I got a couple of pairs put by for gifts as they are usually £10.00. Free click and collect too.

    Earnt £4.00 in surveys today which I will cash in for vouchers later.
    2019 Frugal Living Challenge
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  • mrsinvisiblemrsinvisible Forumite
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    Vulpix, I'm the same, went through a phase of learning a new skill every year, (resolutions hmm) but gave away most of what l made. Although l sold a few counted cross stitch pics when a friend with a coffee shop let me hang them in there. l still knit, crochet and sew, but only small items, unless it is home furnishings that l actually want.
    Today l am accompanying a friend to her universal credit face to face not done one of these before so will be interesting. That is after my 3rd week pre-type-2 diabetic advice and help meeting.(which is NOT entertaining!)
    But the sun is shining and the garden beckons, ooh just to make you smile, DGS sat on the garden furniture sofa, and it snapped!!! the strut underneath had rusted through. He wont live that down for a long time.
  • vulpixvulpix Forumite
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    Hahaha another pie Mr Invis?Bet he's got hollow legs.I remember my son at that age could eat a loaf as a snack.

    I do read along but I must miss stuff or read another post and just forget stuff.I didn't know you were pre diabetic Mrs Invis.When I was so poorly last week I thought I might be diabetic as I began to be ill shortly after a comming together with a packet of biscuits.Was quite surprised to be told I am not.That's the trouble with being an internet Dr,you can have anything in a couple of clicks.I remember throwing a medical dictionary in the bin when I was pregnant for the same reason!

    Bought a load of new wool from the charity shop yesterday and foolishly left the bag on the kitchen table.The poppets have obviously tried and tried all night to make something with all that wool,bless them.Goldie Hawn and Idris Elba are not their real names,they have developed as their personalities have.Idris should be Luther as the character iyswim.Goldie was named by my daughter as Fifi,she is tiny,long mainly white fur with tabby ears ,tail and the odd patch.Luther is a tall lean tuxedo cat with a perfect black heart over his nose.I named him Romeo but mostly call him my best boy.They have been instrumental in my recovery and give me great joy.I am still desperately trying to tame Romeo.He is resisting!

    Got stuff to do in the house so I can crack on and do some decorating ,so am going out to look for a new sofa.The one we have looks lovely if no one sits on it and spews feathers out if you so much as look at it.

  • sammy_kaye18sammy_kaye18 Forumite
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    Hello all

    So I have been MIA for a while off of these boards after a rough 18 months but I am finally feeling in the Christmas spirit and starting to think about and look forward to Christmas. I have ventured back here and to a Christmas forum tha tI frequent too and between the both - my Christmas mojo is in full swing at the minute!

    It is nice to see some familiar faces still Vulpix, Peppa, Treasure and Free!

    Have put all the things I have won into a bag upstairs so am going to go through that later and see what there is to rehome, regift, or sell to raise some funds for Xmas.

    I have cut back on the people that I buy for now (not including my husband and two children
    Btw those 2 little babies are now 15 and 9!) so rather than the 32 gifts I was buying before - which was 26 people and 6 pets - I now am only buying for 13 people and 3 pets. (the 3 pets are ours)

    So so far I have
    Mum - bag of her favourite things
    sister - bag of her favourite things.
    niece 1 - she will be 14 so makeup bag and bits
    niece 2 - 11 - loves sequin changing things
    niece 3 - 6 - same as big sister
    niece 4 - She will be 1 so wont need much
    dad - into sailing, drinking and travelling
    stepmum - smellies, sailing, wine.
    step nan - candle or bath smellies set
    nan - something homemade and thoughtful
    MIL - bag of favourite things
    FIL - leave this to husband
    auntie in law - got her a shawl last year that we never actually got round to giving her so she can have it this year.

    So not too bad and should be easy enough to do.
    I then have to focus on my husband, daughter and son! :eek:

    I have also signed up for a few exchanges on the other site and send Xmas cards as well which is nice. We had some lovely decorations from the states and canada last year.

    I hope we are all well girlies and cant wait to get back in here with you all more often.
    Finally sorting myself out. :eek:
    Debts - £2022.18 owed. 8 lenders.
  • JoseChungsDoomsdayJoseChungsDoomsday Forumite
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    Hey all!
    So, I'm starting to get Christmas 2019 ready (I always get in the mood in July, no idea why!) and I need your help. I need to find 2 Christmas themed coffee mugs and some themed T-towels.

    There seems to be limited choice on the internet and even then the prices are ridiculous! Can anyone help?
  • princesskitty29princesskitty29 Forumite
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    Hi all, been mega busy lately hence my absence, I hope you're all ok. I'm just saying hello and i'm going to try and have a bit of a catch up while DS2 has a nap! :hello:
  • edited 1 July 2019 at 2:42PM
    vulpixvulpix Forumite
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    edited 1 July 2019 at 2:42PM
    Hi Sammy K nice to see you back. The thing about this thread is we feel like real friends. I missed everyone when I didn't post for ages,but it propper perked me up just to read along.As I am retired now and live in the sticks with ropey health I love to hear all about everyones families.13 people to buy for is a massive reduction from what you had. Most people here are saying the same that they are cutting back on the gift front.

    Jose,no help from me I'm affraid.I am not an internet shopper. Many people here are though.Christmas things will start to sneak in the shops from September and I love it! Even if I don't buy anything I just love a browse in somewhere like the Range in their Christmas department.

    PK,Hi,nice to see you.

    We go away in the early hours of Friday.The total of money we have made is £3,027. That will pay for the holiday for the 3 of us and hopefully pay the fence man too.He is coming tomorrow to replace a couple of panels with a different type of fence that A. matches the rest of the fence and B. lets the wind through so it doesn't blow down .

    My son has another new girlfriend.Good job I hadn't bought the last one a personal gift! He seems extremely taken with this one,she might last till Christmas!

    Love to all Vx
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