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Hi Everyone!

I wondered if anyone could help with a problem we have had since getting Sky Q installed just over a month ago. The Story starts a couple of years ago. We moved into a flat and one of the features was a communal Satellite Dish. We spoke to Sky and they told me that we could have Sky Q, their new system which would work with our communal setup. We found it kept losing Satellite Signal, and had numerous appointments with Sky Engineers who used to just come out, play around with the Box and then leave. After a year we cancelled it as it was way too intermittent. So a year later down the line, we get new neighbours and they have Sky put in, Their Engineer knocks at our door and asks if we have Sky, we told them we cancelled as it didn't work properly, and he said he went up in our loft and fixed it so it should be fine now. I put a Freesat box on there and things were fine and we decided now it had been fixed to apply for Sky again.. they now only supply Q and our second installer said it was fine when he put it in as I mentioned the previous troubles we had. He told us if there is a problem then he wasn't supposed to install it.

Anyway.. A Month down the line and we have been without Sky Q for 2 weeks. No Satellite Signal according to the Box, just a blue screen which has been rebooted, re powered down everything I can try that I found online and absolutely nothing... We called Sky but they told us they can't get us an engineer until December 13th (that will be 3 1/2 weeks with no Sky!)... We were also advised by Sky that the dish is nothing to do with them, as it is communal and not looked after by Sky and advised me to speak to the Flat Management company... we did, they told us to speak to their 'Aerial and Satellite company' who they deal with locally.. their opinion was they'd have to charge us to come out, and that would be a waste of time because he was in our flats recently and there were no issues at the time he was there.

I have since tried plugging the Freesat box back in to see if there is a signal which there is, however from what I understand, it is sent differently when they switch it to Sky Q so some channels appear, others don't. I Put the Sky Q back on... blue screen, no signal at all. (I used to work in TV Retail and understand the basics on Satellite TV, and know Sky Q uses a Wideband signal.. and the Sky Q box is set to SCR which is for Communal setups)

I'm wondering where I stand on this one, as the new Sky deal is an 18 month contract and I don't want to pay £50 a month for a blue screen and no channels. Can I cancel??? Where do we stand with the Dish situation as being a tenant, I can't have my own dish installed. It does seem like I have few options on this, I was wondering if it was one of a couple of things...

(1) Faulty Sky Q Box (its possible)
(2) When the Local engineer was in the loft checking the setup recently which he said is fine... did he maybe pull out the connection to our flat... where do we stand on the call out fee if thats the case or
(3) Genuinely cannot take Sky Q on our setup? Would we be able to get Sky to let us use a standard HD Box (not Q) if the engineer can put us back to the settings where Freesat worked fine before, but ask Sky for a discount as we will only be getting half the service (one feed into the flat which means we cannot really record shows and watch another channel)... or even the ability to cancel altogether as they cannot offer us the service we are paying for.... but is it our fault for using the communal dish and they can hold us to the contract even though it doesn't work for us?

We would appreciate some help....


  • jaybeetoo
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    First, you are not getting engineers working on this. They are technicians. If you are lucky they may even have some relevant qualifications.

    Second, does your neighbour still get Sky without any problems?
  • According to our neighbours... their Sky works but went off the same time as ours did, but theirs came back, ours didn’t.
  • brewerdave
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    According to our neighbours... their Sky works but went off the same time as ours did, but theirs came back, ours didn’t.

    Sounds like the fitter has nicked your feed to allow two feeds to another property in the block eg someone who has the older Sky HD set up.
  • HWW
    HWW Posts: 103 Forumite
    System Not maintained by "Stanley communications" is it? A bunch of wasters.....
    The system where I live, has had new switch, new LNB etc etc,& it still does not work - put your own dish up is the best option......
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