Wrongly billed for 3 houses!

Hello Forum-ers,

Here's the situation: in Spring of this year, a meter was installed at my holiday cottage in Scotland by Scottish Water. I'd been given a rough approximation of how much the bills should be for the full year for my water only service (no waste as we have a septic tank so is deal with separately) and was comfortable that that seemed reasonable. However once the bills started rolling in, the totals seemed far higher than I expected. I called my service provider several times to check but they said that initial bills can be higher and will then settle down...but they didn't. This billing became quickly rather painful as I was first pregnant and then on maternity leave, so this unexpectedly high cost was quite a squeeze on finances. I tried my best to work out what was going wrong and raised it again with the provider but they said that I must just have guests who were particularly indulgent with their water usage!

In October this year, I was able to travel to visit the cottage (I live out of the country for humanitarian work reasons) and ran some tests including turning off the supply into the house and checking the meter, noticing that it was still whizzing around even with the supply switched off. I was originally told that there must be a leak etc but that didn't stack up as there was no sign of a leak and Scottish Water weren't keen to come out quickly unless the water was gushing or I had a loss of pressure...apparently the flood out of my bank account wasn't significant enough!

Anyway, in the end it turns out that the meter has been wrongly installed by Scottish Water and so I've been paying for 3 cottages all this time instead of 1 all this time. My provider has been trying to contact Scottish Water for the last 6 weeks now but they haven't responded (not surprising - they are notoriously slow to respond to anything and in fact took about a year to get themselves sorted with actually installing the meter). I have been advised I am due a full refund and then a bill based on probable average usage over the period (so probably due back £3-400, not an insignficant sum for me, esp as I am still on maternity leave with no pay). My questions are:

1. How can I get Scottish Water to jump into action and respond to my supplier?
2. Am I due any compensation as well as a simple refund as this is clearly their error and has put me out of pocket for months now at a vulnerable time.
PS – I initially incorrectly posted this in another section of the forum and so my response below was in reply to questions other forum users raised:
This is in effect a commercial arrangement (because its a holiday cottage), I am only allowed to deal with my supplier, not Scottish Water directly - I don't know why but it just appears to be the way it works (not well though, of course) and so if I try to speak to Scottish Water, they just refuse to speak to me and tell me to report the issue again with my provider. I'm pretty sure its not the provider's fault as through my own direct experience in the past and indirectly from other suppliers I know their response rate is woeful.

My provider has suspended payments from me but not sure which century Scottish water may notice.

As for the other cottages, yes, the supply does come in through my house but Scottish water had apparently "already" installed a meter at one of my neighbours house and is "in the process" (has been for months) with the other so don't think it can be up to us to rectify this one.


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