Gas capped off since last Friday

I took out a new gas and central heating policy recently and last Friday (23/11/18) an engineer came out to service the boiler to check everything was ok before my policy could start.

The engineer discovered a problem, said it was dangerous and capped the gas off. He said he had to bring me paperwork to sign, that he'd be back later that day but he never showed, despite me trying to get in touch with him several times.

Saturday I received a call saying an engineer will come out on Monday (26/11/18) to have a look at it. The engineer called saying he was nearby, where could he park because right outside the building there were no spaces. I said the whole area was pay & display and he said ok and hung up. That was the last I heard from him. He never came to the property..

I started calling the company from Monday afternoon and all throughout Tuesday but nobody could tell me what was happening. They kept saying they couldn't get hold of the engineer/their office.

So I called the gas leak people and they sent someone out within 2 hours of me calling them. However, all he could do was check there was no gas leaking as he wasn't supposed to fix the problem or turn the gas back on. He said his job was to make sure everything was safe and to turn the gas off if it was leaking but it was already turned off properly.

The company finally got back to me and booked in another appointment for today (28/11/18) but again, the engineer called to say there was nowhere to park and just went off. Needless to say, this made me very angry. I've been without central heating or hot water since last Friday. Luckily I have portable heaters and a friend who lives nearby so I can go shower etc but this doesn't make it ok. I'm living off ready meals, toast and takeaway because I can't use the hob or the oven.

They've booked in another appointment for tomorrow (29/11/18) but I have little faith that it will be resolved even if the engineer manages to actually make it into the property.

Is there anything I can do at this point in time? I am at complete despair.
Starting mortgage - £303,434.49
Dec16 bal. £257,319 (OP £27,522.92)
Dec17 bal. £219,854 (OP £15,361.01)
Dec18 bal. £206,831 (OP £6,047.36)


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