Looking into the light and starting afresh

I used to be a regular on these forums many many years ago and managed to clear over £18k of debt, all racked up on frivolities and whilst earning little more than minimum wage. Looking back now it seems staggering that I managed to achieve that, and even more staggering that I have allowed myself to undo all of the good work and slip back into debt :o

The money situation is making me feel anxious and sick on a daily basis and I know its time to start getting back in control, rather than letting the (lack of) money control me, so I'm hoping this diary will keep me in check. It probably won't be the most thrilling of reads but at least it will have a happy ending :beer:

With that in mind, today's To-Do list looks like this:

List Shpock items
Research on Discogs
Delay Repay claim
Look at selling unused holiday at work
Check out AirBnB
Cancel Sky
Clear old inbox
Return hair dye
Add up total debt :eek:
Barclaycard [STRIKE]£7,296.35[/STRIKE] £6134.99 - MBNA [STRIKE]£4,182.88[/STRIKE] £3267.08 - O/draft [STRIKE]£569.31[/STRIKE] £413.59 - Capital One [STRIKE]£1477.55[/STRIKE] £1451.44
Total debt [STRIKE]£12048.54[/STRIKE] £11267.10 6% paid


  • ImpulseSpenderImpulseSpender Forumite
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    Welcome back, good luck on your journey. You've done it once before so why not again :D
    August 2019 - Debt £8000
    June 2020 - Debt £190.96
    Saving Pots: House Fund: £2015.21 Holiday Pot: £327.31 Rainy Day Fund: £964.84 Sod it/Treat Fund: £12.06
    Stocks and Shares ISA: £189.65
  • doingitanywaydoingitanyway Forumite
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    Well done for facing up and coming back. You know you can do it :)
    If you have built castles in the air, your work should not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

    Solicitor/survey savings 300/1700
    Emergency fund 0/1000
    Buffer fund 0/200
  • Thanks ImpulseSpender and doingitanyway :) Have done the scariest part now and updated the total debt, not great seeing it in black and white but the only way from here is up. Any tips and/or motivation gratefully received! Definitely going to sign up for the £10 a day challenge again, just rounded up some bits to list on Shpock/Ebay...
    Barclaycard [STRIKE]£7,296.35[/STRIKE] £6134.99 - MBNA [STRIKE]£4,182.88[/STRIKE] £3267.08 - O/draft [STRIKE]£569.31[/STRIKE] £413.59 - Capital One [STRIKE]£1477.55[/STRIKE] £1451.44
    Total debt [STRIKE]£12048.54[/STRIKE] £11267.10 6% paid
  • Update:

    List Shpock items Photos taken and found a few extra bits
    Research on Discogs
    [STRIKE]Delay Repay claim[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]Look at selling unused holiday at work[/STRIKE] Can only buy, will ask to roll over
    [STRIKE]Check out AirBnB[/STRIKE] Listed the spare room so will see..
    Cancel Sky
    [STRIKE]Clear old inbox[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]Return hair dye[/STRIKE] Will take tomorrow, receipts sorted ready
    Barclaycard [STRIKE]£7,296.35[/STRIKE] £6134.99 - MBNA [STRIKE]£4,182.88[/STRIKE] £3267.08 - O/draft [STRIKE]£569.31[/STRIKE] £413.59 - Capital One [STRIKE]£1477.55[/STRIKE] £1451.44
    Total debt [STRIKE]£12048.54[/STRIKE] £11267.10 6% paid
  • beanieloubeanielou Forumite
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    Happy shiny new diary :)
    Lou~ Debt free Wanabe No 55 DF 03/03/14.
    **Credit card debt free 30/06/10~**
    MFW. Finally mortgage free February 2021****
    "A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of" Jane Austen in Mansfield Park.
    ***Fall down seven times,stand up eight*** ~~Japanese proverb.
    It starts with you, it starts from now. *** It is ok to be me.***
    ***Keep plodding***
    Out of debt, out of danger. ***Be the difference.***
  • Thanks Beanielou!

    Managed to list 4 ebay bits on my way to work today so a good start. I need to get a chunk paid off my MBNA card as soon as possible as I am behind on my payments - I am determined to get straight even if it involves listing the entire contents of my house in the short term!
    Barclaycard [STRIKE]£7,296.35[/STRIKE] £6134.99 - MBNA [STRIKE]£4,182.88[/STRIKE] £3267.08 - O/draft [STRIKE]£569.31[/STRIKE] £413.59 - Capital One [STRIKE]£1477.55[/STRIKE] £1451.44
    Total debt [STRIKE]£12048.54[/STRIKE] £11267.10 6% paid
  • pidge04pidge04 Forumite
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    Good luck to you! Well done for getting stuff listed on eBay. I find I have absolutely no attachment to anything I own now and will happily part with it for cash!! All the best.
    CC £4,012 left to pay (was £5400).
  • Still plodding on here, have just done a tally and horrified to see my Barclaycard has gone up due to being behind on payments :( but this highlights the importance of keeping a close eye on the figures and not burying the proverbial head in the sand.

    Trying to take the positive from this that overall 4% has been paid off. Feb is the last month of repaying our gas debt so that will give me an extra £100 a month to play with, but the biggest lifesaver has been offering our spare room out through Air BnB which is really the only thing keeping me able to make any payments at the moment.

    Really frustrated today as OH hasn't paid his car insurance so our latest Air BnB payout will have to go to cover that. I could write a whole new post on that subject but this probably isn't the place.

    Overall I remember the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I wrote the original post and, although it hasn't gone away, I at least feel I am in a better position now and have taken some positive steps. Hope anyone reading has a positive, MSE day :)
    Barclaycard [STRIKE]£7,296.35[/STRIKE] £6134.99 - MBNA [STRIKE]£4,182.88[/STRIKE] £3267.08 - O/draft [STRIKE]£569.31[/STRIKE] £413.59 - Capital One [STRIKE]£1477.55[/STRIKE] £1451.44
    Total debt [STRIKE]£12048.54[/STRIKE] £11267.10 6% paid
  • shrimpy_80shrimpy_80 Forumite
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    Well, the debt busting has taken a bit of a back seat recently and although it hasn't got any bigger, I definitely haven't attacked it as I planned. Did a fresh tally up yesterday and it was better than expected which is a positive, but am sadly lacking in both means and motivation.

    Have opened a new bank account today which I'm going to use to separate out my spends for the month once payday hits. I'm really struggling with ways of making extra income, when I cleared my (much bigger) debt last time I was on a far lower wage but feel as though there were so many other ways of bringing in the pennies - and although they were literally pennies they all add up. Need to get thinking/motivated.
    Barclaycard [STRIKE]£7,296.35[/STRIKE] £6134.99 - MBNA [STRIKE]£4,182.88[/STRIKE] £3267.08 - O/draft [STRIKE]£569.31[/STRIKE] £413.59 - Capital One [STRIKE]£1477.55[/STRIKE] £1451.44
    Total debt [STRIKE]£12048.54[/STRIKE] £11267.10 6% paid
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    Good luck on your journey. Perhaps the first step is to ditch shame. I did the same as you and built debt back up having cleared it. You can get to the other side. Just need to create a big enough why. Why do you want to get debt free this time? What difference will it make? What will you be able to do in future that the debt is holding you back from?
    Target 1) Prioritise health & social connection 2) Write regularly 42,993/70,000 words Book 2 and 10,787/70,000 Priestess book 3a) Get to £10K EF/Savings Now £4,573 3b) £1.6K Savings for DD Car (Achieved) 4) MFW starting at £201999 Nov 21 with 264 249 payments to go. Now £192,304 5) Mortgage neutral progress via pension £1,887 invested since Nov 21 6) Declutter 7) Invest in fun and frolics - and not just future self! 8) CC Debt free April 22 (now stay that way!!)
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