Cancelled sky-where now?

So after having an 18 month deal with sky in HD for boxsets, movies, sky sports and fibre broadband for £60 a month, the price has now doubled to 120 which I knew it would when the contract ended.
I called last week to try and negotiate a better deal, and they knocked it down to £90. Which I still feel is a bit more than I want to pay so I called virgin and they offered me pretty much the same package but with BT Sports aswell for £75. Now maybe my negotiating skills are rubbish but Iv Called sky back today to see they would match it and tbh they didn’t seem interested at all. The woman on the phone never even asked me what the deal was I had got from virgin, just that the 90 was best they were going to do for what I already have, So Iv cancelled with sky, although if they had matched the offer I would’ve stayed but they just didn’t even seem interested in talking about it. Iv had my email in confirming the termination date of my contract.
Is this the normal way they go about it? How likely are they to email me back and try to offer me a better deal?


  • JJ_Egan
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    Probably offer a better deal .
    But if terminated have you signed to VM or dont mind the gap in service.
  • iniltous
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    Presumably the VM £75/month is also a deal where the price increases after an initial period , and it's possible that at the end of that period , you may not be able to negotiate a new VM deal that matches or beats a Sky introductory may seem daft, but quite often a retention deal may not match a competitors new customer deal so the customer moves on...many change provider every time a deal expires taking advantage of introductory discounts and cash back sites etc, it's up to you if you want to get on that particular roundabout.
    Sky may get back with a better offer, is the VM deal time limited ?
  • The VM deal is 18 months, pretty much the same as sky was
  • I haven’t signed to anyone else yet, I don’t mind the service gap.
  • Merlin139
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    Twice we cancelled Sky after a brilliant 12 months deal and they came back to us after around 6 weeks with a near identical rate that we had been on.

    Last time we cancelled I made the mistake of saying we never watched it that was why we wanted to leave. That was 6 months ago and we do not miss it.

    My son has Netflix where he can have 4 devices watching at once for £9.99 a month and we use one of them. He lives 220 miles away. Anything else my daughter downloads off the net any programs from the states that were shown the day before and people have uploaded.

    We have unlimited broadband so its not a problem.
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  • nickcc
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    Got rid of Sky and switched to freesat. Initial cost of boxes x2 about £400 but paying more than that for one year with Sky. Also have Netflix and Amazon prime which still works out a lot cheaper than Sky now that the freesat boxes have more than paid for themselves. Initially tried Sky's NOW TV but found once again that Sky are too greedy as they changed the package prices and content so as you had to buy their extra packages.
  • giraffe69
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    Anything else my daughter downloads off the net any programs from the states that were shown the day before and people have uploaded.

    Sounds more than a bit dodgy.
  • Gloomendoom
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    Just ditched Sky. £40 a month saved. They did offer to halve the subscription but I still cancelled. The box still works for freesat but no pause or record now.

    I bought an unused BT YouView box off eBay for £60 to give us a recording facility. I also had install a TV aerial as we didn't have one.
  • What’s freesat boxes? Iv Never heard of those.
  • nickcc
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    Jayjay08 wrote: »
    What’s freesat boxes? Iv Never heard of those.

    You can still use your old Sky box but it's not a Freesat box. The most popular Freesat boxes are from Humax and either have a recording facility or without. As I don't have an aerial I went for Freesat as you use your existing Sky dish.
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