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Saving the pennies......

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in How much have you saved?
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jules81jules81 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in How much have you saved?
I am 37 i am married and have a 6 year old son

Unfortunately I suffer from serve mental health problems -been hospitalized 10 x since 2012 for up to 6 months at a time. I also suffer with ME/CFS. I currently have a person budget and a carer to help me 4 x a week-this carer has been with me for just over a year since my last 6 month hospital admission.

I've never taken our son abroad ( or been abroad since he's been abroad since 2010) but when he's 10-12 i am hoping to take him to disneyland florida. This will depend on my mh. BUT I've just started doung 3 hours term time volunteers in a schild nursery :) i worked from when I left college till I had my son when I was 30. I ve always worked within childcare/care for elderly :) mainly in a nursery and as a nanny. I am really hoping I can up my hour after Christmas to 6 and then apply for supply work in a nursery. As i think i can sort of test the water as long as i do under 16 hours a week. But I am so scared it will set Mr back-but fear is a massive anxiety for me.

Anyway next year we have 3 holiday :)

Sun caravan holiday 3 nights -£67 paid not sure how much left to pay under £100 this is for my son birthday in feb-its goung to be cold got to be paid in Dec-splitting cost with a friend as she's coming too

2 days in lego land in june-never been we are goung to look at deaks on black fri hubby is paying for this but I am going to save £20 -£40 a month

Mon-fri in Debyshire aug -£251 paid-need to save £30 a month spending

We have a mortgage i pay half of that and half of all the bills. Plus all pet insurance for my looyal moggy :j who is my fur baby.

I have BPD and have a spending issue :( so I really hope keeping this will keep me on track.

I need to look into savings and pension -but will attack things slowly.



  • savingwannabesavingwannabe Forumite
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    Hello jules, welcome to the forum. We would be happy for you to post. Here's to happy savings :beer::j:money::T:):D
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    jules81jules81 Forumite
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    edited 12 November 2018 at 12:57AM
    Thank you lovely. I've used this site before. I was posting on a mh forum-but found it wasn't helping me-with my mind set ( it's been great support and i have met some lovely people) but i think my spending issues need to be addressed and i am hoping to follow people around here lead-to savings. So I figured this would help.

    I haven't saved any money for CHRISTMAS. ( i know-i buy all year in sales-so hoping to add and EDIT I can once I've posted ) -I am gping to put rough money I spent beside it-to know how much to save for next year-BUT o am still going to buy when I see in the sales as i have a big set of shelves which hold 6 40 liter boxes FULL of pressies. This also helps when D'S come home with a party invite for following weekend. I can't just go out and buy something at the shop as i cant go out alone-i suffer with panic attacks and dissociate at times :( so my pressie help me in long run plus the stress i would have having to have one by next week AND save money in the long run.

    Christmas 2018

    Son -6
    Next Dino bedding -sale £12
    Dino mat-£11
    Dino lamp £5 ( off gumtree)
    Uno jurrasic cards £12
    Lego set £25
    Dino cushion sale £5
    Jurrasic world figure £4 ( ordered from China hope it comes in time)
    Jurrasic world pencil case £1 Sale
    Jurrasic world bath egg £3
    2 Jurrasic world thshirts £8
    That's all stuff in my room need to check boxes tomorrow know we have bought
    2 h&m jurrasic world top and hoddie

    Southern comfort £22
    Jean next £14 sale
    Hulk daddy craft figure D'S choose at craft fayre £6
    T shirt sale £6 new look
    Plus card from DS

    Jacket £20 in sale
    Perfume lancom mirace sale £32
    Pandora F bead ( my son's initials-for nanny ) sale£10
    Plus card from D'S


    Auntie and uncle
    Amazon stick-waiting till black fri sale

    Best friend
    Pandora charm sale £22

    Best find child 6 years old

    Friend 1 and her husband
    Gin£12 20% off in M&S

    God child 1 7 years old
    Lego £16.66 ( sale)

    God children twins-4 years
    Lego £12
    ????? Clothes

    Friend little girl-6 years old
    Clothes and????

    Friend in Scotland

    Friend H children 1 6 years old
    Friend H child 2 2 years old
    Friend H child 3 1 year

    Nieces x 2 ( 18 and 14)

    My carer
    Crabtree and evelynn hand cream set x3 £6 sale

    Friend k little girl-4 year old

    I KNOW I buy for a lot but my friend honestly have seen me through during my mh at least 2 of them above have sat with me in hospital before I've been inpatient. We don't actual buy for each other jyst for each others children. Hubby gets his sister, his parents plus step parents and nicece and own friends and family-although i did buy 3 grandad pint glasses afyer fathers day for £3 each for his family
  • jules81jules81 Forumite
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    Now camping out on my 6 year olds floor because he's poorly-ear ache and temp xxxx
  • jules81jules81 Forumite
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    My poor son has had a temp and ear ache-but it did mean No spend day for me. Plus I sold some of his old clothes only for £4 but better than nothing. Going to add to Disney fund i already have going-i think there's between £200-300 ish it's not going to get us far but it's a start.

    Because I was up all night with D'S i haven't check people pressies. Hubby took morning of work to help me look after D'S and so o slept-on/off then my carer came in. I am using stuff up from freezer my goal is to keep shopping for the 3 of us under £50 a week. We have an almost full freezer. So shouldn't need much on aldi weds shop.

    I've also added 10 items of 26-24 size clothes I've grown out off ( YAY)on Facebook sites. Fx they will sell-I've put them for £1-5 i just want them gone.

  • jules81jules81 Forumite
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    I've slept so much of today ready for tea out tonight. I spent £16 on my main and sons starter main and pudding and drinks and pudding for my friend little girl as her mum who gave us a lift. My legs and arms feel bruised i am scarred it's a ME flare up :( I've got vol for 2 hours tomorrow. Plus weigh in at weight watchers tomorrow night. I know I've gained this week.

    I got my licence back 3 months ago afyer it being vol surrendered for 6 years. I've got it for a year. But I am so scared of driving. I've driven 4 x with hubby and twice on my own.

    I went to aldi today sent £42 for a weeks worth of shopping for the 3 of us. Xxx
  • jules81jules81 Forumite
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    Can't sleep never can before volunteers :( I am thinking of doing Avon to get extra pennies. I don't know if it would work xxxx
  • pinknsparklypinknsparkly Forumite
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    Hi Jules, and welcome! I find this website super motivating. This particular sub-section of the MSE forum isn't as busy as other parts so I like to read through, and contribute, to other sections too (particularly debt free wannabe and mortgage free wannabe - I don't have debts or a mortgage but view our attempts to save to buy a house, and get a mortgage, as not too different to paying down debt!). I find it helpful in terms of motivation, which I can never have enough of!!!

    Hope your son is on the mend? £42 for food for the week is fab, congrats!

    A friend of mine passed his driving test about a decade ago and never drove again until last year. One of his neighbours is a driving instructor and offered to take him out a couple of times to give him refresher lessons. I don't know if that's something you can scrape together enough money for but if you can, it might help massively with your confidence! Also (this may not be practical) when I learnt to drive, my mum actually sat in the back of the car for the lessons as we lived in the middle of nowhere and the instructor wouldn't come to us. This meant that she then had a good idea of what things to point out/remind me/think about. Depending entirely on what your husband is like, you could consider this? My baby sister also used to have to come along to most of them in her carseat :rotfl:
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  • jules81jules81 Forumite
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    So alot has changed since i last wrote ive been back in a psychiatric unit. Very unwell. Still there. On leave at my parents house.

    Hubsband wants a divorce-i am devestated-i love him with all my heary. I felt my love was over. I am slowly picking up the picces.

    Hes moving out once money is soryed snd with my patents help we are buyimg him out. Its all super scary and i feel overwhelmed at times.

    I am going to be paying my patents back forever. But i want something to leave DS when i die. I love him so much-it hurts so much i csnt be a proper mummy. I do sometimes think it would be better if he didnt have me in his life.

    I am going to TRY and save as much as i csn while keeping busy for my mh.

    For the next few days i am going to keep track on what i spend.

    My life has flipped. I dont know if i am ready to be out of hospital. Tomorrow i am going with a friend to a children farm. I am goung to find it hard without ds. But sat is a daddy day. So better i try and keep busy.

    My aims for tomorrow;
    Take PRN if needed
    Take a cold drink to not buy one.
    Go with a mug of coffe-to not buy one straight away
    Walk 6000 step
    Try and help my friend with her 3 children, 2 under 2.
    Take fiber one bar rather thsn buy desert at £6

    Ive got £25 to spend tomorrow.

  • Skint_yet_AgainSkint_yet_Again Forumite
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    So sorry to hear about the awful time you've had jules. I am glad you are getting help and have support from your family, be kind to yourself and don't for a minute think your DS would be better without you. He will remember the love you give him despite the problems you face.
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  • savingwannabesavingwannabe Forumite
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    Jules omg what a dreadful time you have had. Hopefully you can get used to being back at home slowly and spend time with your parents who will be there for you. Take it easy. Bless you.
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