Sainsbury's to stop offering cash back at some stores

Just a warning to those who ask for cash back when buying their groceries. Apparently they're trialling it at selected stores as a way of getting customers through the tills quicker.


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    So that's why the Charlton store don't give cashback anymore! I very much doubt it makes any significant difference to the speed of service, and if they are that bothered about speeding things up at checkout they'd scrap the new software that slows everything (including giving cashback) down on the tills.
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    Maybe the amount of cash now being tendered and the cost benefit of less back office cash handling has reduced.
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    I can't even re-call the last time I was asked if I wanted cash back at a manned checkout by any supermarket.
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  • tecetece Forumite
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    I was flabbergasted last week in the Derby Kingsway store when I requested £50 and was told cash back had been stopped. The cashier informed to go to the cash point to withdraw the cash.
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    Just another sign of the move away from cash.

    Cash back only works if the stores are recycling cash they have been given, that amount is reducing. I also suspect demand for cashback is no longer there.

    I visited my first UK cashless venue this weekend. I also noticed the numbers of people using cash v card in pubs was about 50:50. This ratio will increase towards cards over the next few years.
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    Sainsbury claiming this is about speeding tills up are talking nonsense. Anyone ever paid with a Sainsbury gift card? That takes forever.

    I often get a fiver with my shopping, for those increasingly rare occasions that I need a bit of cash. Separately going to the ATM is a faff.

    Paying in cash may have declined but so will have demand for cashback.

    They actually want folk to use the ATM because that earns them money. Please just be honest, Sainsbury's!
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    As someone who lives in a rural area where most of our bank branches have been closed it means that yet another door is closed and we are being forced along the road to a cashless society! My home is not in a very good broadband area either with speeds below 1mgb most of the time. (I know - totally unheard of to anyone who lives in a town). Also no thought to any one on benefits/low income/elderly who need cash to help them budget. Another thing - how long will the ATM be free. Link are currently reviewing costs and removing ATMs.
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    Makes sense from a security point of view. Less need to keep notes in the tills in case of cashback requests, so any above a certain amount can be stored in a locked note box like they do at Home Bargains or a bowling alley for example.

    Can't really moan. It was a nice-to-have rather than an obligation from a supermarket to provide a cashback service. Especially seeing as there will be an ATM in every store.
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    I'm never asked for cashback. But then i pay in cash. So I guess I wouldn't be asked.
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    it can't be about speeding tills up as they only ever have two or three manned tills open at any time in my store. and one of those is actually now also customer services as they've done away with the main desk as well.

    although if all these cut backs means they continue to provide decent produce at reasonable prices then i'm not complaining!

    just as long as they keep the cash machines topped up outside!
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