Finance taken out without my knowledge

A few months ago a friend asked if i could make a payment for them with my card as they didnt have enough in their account for their car insurance if they gave me the cash which i did. I then recieved a letter a few month later stating about a missed payment on my credit file and a default notice. I phoned creation finance who it was with and was told a car insurance finance was taken out by go skippy car insurance. I explained this wasnt me and they could see the car insurance wasnt in my name nor was the direct debit or bank details on their file juat the intial finance was in my name. Go skippy refused to speak to me as i wasnt the policy holder of the car insurance. To get to the point eventually after a 2 months the late car payment was made by the other person and creation cancelled the agreement in my name but i have been left with a missed payment on my credit file and a dinance agreement taken out which has drastically reduced my score. My own credit iant the greatest but the last few years i havent taken nothing out and trying to repay old debts and this had just knocked it right back. What is there i can do to gwt this taken out of my name and off my file. None of the two wants to help creation or go skippy and i dont know what my options are.


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    You need to report the fraud to the police and get a crime number. You need to then contact the credit reference agencies and file a notice of correction giving them the crime number.
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    Tarambor wrote: »
    You need to report the fraud to the police and get a crime number.
    Contact ActionFraud, as they are the appropriate arm of the police.

    You may also want to consider submitting a protective registration with CIFAS.

    Edit: I would also contact Go Skippy, in writing. Make an official complaint that they are recording incorrect information on your credit file. Provide them with the ActionFraud reference number. You will then have the option of escalating your complaint to the ICO, if they do not remove the incorrect data held on your credit file. (Also, check whether the same incorrect data is recorded on all three CRA files).

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    Is this fraud?

    It would appear that GoSkippy have, for some reason, decided to report the non-payment to the OP's credit file even though they only paid the deposit.

    This is confirmed by GoSkippy refusing to deal with the OP as they are "not the policyholder."

    I'd be writing a strongly worded letter to GoSkippy demanding that they remove the adverse information from your credit file as the car insurance is, as they say, not in your name.
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    Who sent you the letter?
    Something doesn't quite add up here...
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