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Weekly Flylady Thread 8th October 2018

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  • Narc0lepsyNarc0lepsy Forumite
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    I'm sort of in, although this week looks so busy I sat down last night and wrote a list by going through the diary and breaking down all that needs to be done in preparation for each activity. At least my cold seems to be abating, felt rubbish most of last week so having credit card compromised yet again, difficult student who I'm going to have to see again plus various other hassles just dragged me down e.g. my favourite radio station that I always listen to in the car is now only available on line.
    Slight progress in kitchen; wm definitely not leaking, floor almost dry and we think won't need replacing so need a few more days with newspapers under vinyl to enhance final drying. Of course dw is still in the garage and am still in the middle of the kitchen, fast becoming an island for food preparation and dumping things on.

    Frodders exciting about your trip and babies.
    FBO good to "see" you. I'm sure I could untidy a shoebox in minutes.
    Hugs to everyone else.
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  • Honey_BearHoney_Bear Forumite
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    Lovely to see you posting again, Frodders. (((Hugs)))

    Hiya ATB! :wave:

    Up early to take black kitten to the vet for some dental attention, so Kelpie and I went straight on to the field because it was close by. For the first time he galloped about a bit on his own which was lovely.

    Have been to the post office to send the tax return figures off (hurrah), made a couple of urgent phone calls, put the ingredients in the BM and switched it on (I keep forgetting and we've eaten all the random stuffy crusty ends in the freezer) and have started cracking out the sewing stuff. Utter bliss.
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  • FayolleFayolle Forumite
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    Pretty pleased with progress so far today, thanks to the kitchen list and my own lists. Kitchen and dining rooms are looking much better, and the floors are finally clean in both rooms although probably only for a few hours. The last of the tomoatoes have been sorted (thanks for the reminder, Jazee), along with the basil which is now in the freezer. I've pulled all my seed packets from various places and gone through them, so that one evening I can amuse myself making a seed order from the new catalogues.

    My summer clothes have been consigned to the loft, and the winter ones brought down. That should guarantee us an Indian summer. Apart from a pair of ancient shoes, nothing got flung as I had worn it all.

    I need to put a sausage casserole in the sc, then it is an afternoon free for paperwork. I can't wait - although I do have some bulbs to plant, so I could quite easily get distracted.
  • MademoiselleMademoiselle Forumite
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    Sorry I'm late today.

    Worked this morning and just been to have eyebrows etc done, legs waxed and toenails done, nice to have some me time. Going to have a quick cup of tea then need to fly round the kitchen.

    Hope to get on with some sorting this week as OH is away all week so an easy week for me. Someone coming tomorrow to look at possiblity of putting a pellet stove in our playroom which is no longer used and has become a dumping ground. This would allow us to turn it into a big dining room and hopefully stop it becoming a ROD!

    Hoping to get slinky challenge going properly again this week. I want to lose 6 more kgs (about 1 stone) Ideally 3 to be gone by christmas. But actually quite pleased with myself as lost 9 kgs between January and July and only put 2 kgs back on over the summer. Favourite ski trousers have been tried on and they fit (for the first time in a few years) all be it a bit snug if I need to wear thermals under them.

    I'm off to start in the kitchen

    Have a good afternoon everyone
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    pigpenpigpen Forumite
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    edited 8 October 2018 at 4:32PM
    I'm not quite dead..

    ty for list... I'm not doing it.

    Chasing washer replacement, chasing SS and schools and hospitals and drs and everything else.. and to top it all i have laryngitis so cant use the phone!

    CF excelling his idiocy.. the karma bus is right there at the top of the hill... just waiting..

    And the guy who came to repair my boiler on Thursday has broken it further.. it now needs not only the gas safety valve replacing the diverter valve is stuck in position half open/closed too.. and the timer ticks like a bomb.
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  • Jojo_the_TightfistedJojo_the_Tightfisted Forumite
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    I have an interview for taking on extra duties at work on Wednesday. When the email came through, I assumed it was saying thanks but no thanks, but, even if they're simply going through the motions, it was nice to have at least a vague hint they're not planning on making me redundant quite yet. Or any acknowledgement at all...

    Had a senior moment when I couldn't find my phone, though. Searched everywhere I had been (not far, just within the department) and concluded it had either been nicked out of my bag or I'd left it on the settee this morning. Fortunately, I'd just left it at home (as I'd have been kerfuffled without it - my only way of talking to Himself, sorting out bank transfers into his account AND my only alarm clock).

    Much concealing of building issues done today as the ever present threat of Ofsted grows nearer. Would be better if these things could be actually fixed, but whilst they aren't, at least I can do something to hide them under the auspices of making the learning environment look pleasant with resources. It's amazing how much can be done with sheets of A3, being a dab hand at knocking up posters and a heavy duty staple gun :cool:.

    Still need to do some washing up. It can wait until after my cuppa, though.
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    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • MademoiselleMademoiselle Forumite
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    Kitchen tidied, except for the floor, why do I hate doing the floors? I have large quarry tiles and they never look clean so I can't be bothered to clean them, I just poke the hoover round.

    A couple of bits made it to the bin, old pair of shoes no longer worn or wearable, a waste paper basket that was falling to bits. More paper into recycling.

    I have a paperwork task that I must do tomorrow, otherwise it will turn into a frog.

    Going to make a cup of tea and finish putting kitchen to bed then will sneak off and watch tv in bed, a treat for me as OH is away.
  • kazwookiekazwookie Forumite
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    Work done, spent the whole day shifting stuff around, I am worn out to say the least.

    I have now over eaten..............and have hic ups!

    Kitchen to do..........
    :) Sun, Sea :)

  • FurryBeastOzFurryBeastOz Forumite
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    Making a trip up to the big smoke this week. Paying large amounts of money to try and make myself more employable!

    The house was clean AND tidy when I left. I don’t hold out much hope for Friday even if he is away Tuesday night.
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  • Narc0lepsyNarc0lepsy Forumite
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    Went to gym
    Did small flower arrangement for guest room as a friend is stopping over.
    Vacuumed hall, lounge/diner, guest room, bathroom and kitchen
    Polished various bits of guest room, bathroom and en suite
    Mr N did a better blitz on en suite and went to Mr T
    Had lunch with friends
    Wrote a bit more of a report

    Thought my cold was improving, but a persistent headache has . . . Persisted in waves of what seems to be toothache. Can't decide if it is toothache or something sinus-like. However it does seem to be real waves of severe , almost nauseating pain, so I'm thinking tooth; I do have a cracked one which the dentist is keeping an eye on. Rats, I don't have time to fit in the dentist.
    Remember...a layer of dust protects the wood beneath it.
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