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Wetherspoons - quicker to order at the bar or app?

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  • I'd say app all the time, it is quicker and you dont have to stand waiting at the bar. Just make sure you put the right table number in :laugh:
  • onomatopoeia99onomatopoeia99 Forumite
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    At the fox on the hill (Denmark Hill) the app tends to be quicker when it's busy. Sometimes they put on more bar staff when there's a queue though at bar service is fast.
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  • Zinger549Zinger549 Forumite
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    Used the app the other week to order food + drinks. Found the app quite easy to use. Someone wanted beans instead of peas with there order but couldn't seem to do it. He had to go to the bar and order his. Can only order regular beers not able to choose guest ales. It seemed to take to get our food than normal although it was a Friday night so pub was busy.
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  • deffo app, used to work there when it got busy we'd call up the head office and request them to turn it off for the evening as it really took its toll on the bar.
  • crispy_duckcrispy_duck Forumite
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    calleyw wrote: »
    Umm surely as I can customise my order at the bar, Why did you not think of this when developing the app. Bad IT.

    It's not "Bad IT" - the people developing the app don't sit there deciding what features to add to the app themselves - they are given a list of requirements for the app. If the lack of ability to make subsitutions in the app is a problem, it's a problem with the people in the business who decide what features the app should have.
  • It depends what pub I'm in, some are great with the app others are not. Some don't allow the app.

    We ordered a drink at one in the NEC Birmingham but it never arrived so enquired at the bar who told us last orders had already been called and their tills were off. They said they would refund my friend but couldn't print a refund receipt as the tills were was 5.50pm on a Sunday and there were still 50 people easily in the pub!
  • AskalabaAskalaba Forumite
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    I've had this debate with my friends so many times. I'd say

    Food - quicker using the app
    Drink - quicker going to the bar (as long as it's not insanely busy)
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  • diggingdudediggingdude Forumite
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    Heard someone saying they use the app and paypal as the payment doesnt go out straight away. If you are that skint should you be in a pub?
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  • chucknorrischucknorris Forumite
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    Askalaba wrote: »
    I've had this debate with my friends so many times. I'd say

    Food - quicker using the app
    Drink - quicker going to the bar (as long as it's not insanely busy)

    But couldn't you just order a fresh round of drinks on the app, when you still have about a third or half of your existing drinks left?
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  • DoshwasterDoshwaster Forumite
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    If I'm on my own I'm a big fan of the app when ordering food in a busy pub, especially airports, as you would lose your table by time you got back from the bar. For drinks I would normally go to the bar as you get the full choice of guest ales
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