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Help me find an affordable place to buy a house

edited 4 October 2018 at 9:34PM in House Buying, Renting & Selling
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  • -taff-taff Forumite
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    Decide if you want to be by the sea, in the country, do you want a garden to grow veg, do you want warmer weather all year round or colder weather, are you happy to learn a new language, can you speak any other languages, do you want neighbours or none, do you want a bungalow or a house, pets etc etc.
    All those qustions [ and there will be more] will inform whereabouts you want to live. It's not as simple as, this is a nice town, go and live there. You can find out the crime statistics from the police website for any UK area.
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    Oxid8ukOxid8uk Forumite
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    Leicester, Derby and Nottingham all close by, Birmingham a little further. On the mainline to London. Vibrant town due to a large student population but has all the amenities you need - bars, cinemas, supermarkets, leisure centre. Nice countryside walks nearby if you want to get out of the town.

    You can get a 3-bed semi in a nice area and not far from a PO within your budget.
  • getmore4lessgetmore4less Forumite
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    homeless9 wrote: »
    I am 30 and single..... I ideally need to be somewhere where I can meet other people in my age range, have beers.....

    Basically I ideally need to be near a number of small or medium towns or a city, and not in a small town/village.

    All these nearby would be ideal......Supermarkets, gyms, leisure centres, pubs/bars, cinemas, shopping centres......

    Where I live currently is one large town surrounded by many smaller towns, so there is everything you need all around you.....

    most of the country will have something up to £220k

    The bigger you want to go the more restricted your choices will get.

    just become a little more proficient with rightmove searches and the draw map feature.

    eg I tried Birmingham 40miles 5 bed+ max £220k

    102 for sale and 102 SSTC.

    OK some shared ownership and some are projects but there are some that could work

    For a work from home retail business there will be room for stock and office separate from living

    For a solo some of the HMO might be a side business as a resident landlord offering room to the sort of people you are looking to meet.

    another search more focused looking for birmingham 40m, detached 5bed+ not new/shared/retirement.

    8 for sale 18 SSTC.

    I found Glasgow to be a great social place and easy to get around with cheap public transport and safe.

    easy access to the rest of the UK by train and air

    Has everything from upmarket trendy places(expensive) to some of the cheapest Wetherspoons in the country, fantastic comedy scene, theatre, art, great curry places...

    This is right in a decent area close to loads of the sort of things you are looking for(with somewhere to park the car which you don't need unless heading out of town)

    (nearly sold it to myself again, but don't like damp winters)
  • davidmcndavidmcn Forumite
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    This is right in a decent area close to loads of the sort of things you are looking for(with somewhere to park the car which you don't need unless heading out of town)
    Given the OP said they'd love to own a house with a garden, I don't get the impression they're looking for a flat located slap bang in the middle of the city centre (surrounded by students and other drunkards).
  • RubyHouseRubyHouse Forumite
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    homeless9 wrote: »
    Self employed, working at home running an online retail business, as well as doing freelance graphic design work. So I can live anywhere as I work from home. As long as I have internet connection and a Post office nearby - I am good to go.

    Middlesbrough has a thriving technology & design industry in the centre of town. Areas of Nunthorpe / Acklam are very nice and you get a lot for your money compared to other areas of the country. The Town is small but has plenty of facilities, you are never more than 5 minutes drive from a gym / bars / cinema etc.
  • ReadingTimReadingTim Forumite
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    • The location you want
    • The features you want
    • The price you want

    pick 2....

    Seeing you mention Guildford, have you considered Reading?
  • Out,_Vile_JellyOut,_Vile_Jelly Forumite
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    I would consider looking around Sheffield, which has connections to other midland and northern cities, lots of different sports events (even if you're not into sport it means there are lots of fans in town and the bars are busy), and two universities meaning you're likely to get decent bands touring, and the Peak District nearby for peaceful days out.
    They are an EYESORES!!!!
  • LuSiVeLuSiVe Forumite
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    I was just about to say the South Yorkshire / Derbyshire border areas could get you what you want at much less than your budget.
  • circuitcircuit Forumite
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    North Leeds is attractive and quiet, but within easy reach of a city centre for nights out. Look for areas near a train station and you will easily find something within budget.
  • Owain_MoneysaverOwain_Moneysaver Forumite
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    Three bedroom semi-detached in Aleppo.

    It'll be fully-detached by next week.
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