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Oofy omtimistic Octobers NSD challange.

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  • marmiterulesokmarmiterulesok Forumite
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    Spendy day today: just made an online purchase.
  • doingitanywaydoingitanyway Forumite
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    NSD number 3 today.

    I planned to go out but going to focus on home based activities instead. I need coffee as I had none this morning :eek: but I don't drink it any other time so I can get up early tomorrow and restock to ensure a good start to the day :)
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  • chocolatelover93chocolatelover93 Forumite
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    Chocolatelover, don't waste your money on cough medicine. It has been proven that so-called cough medicines don't work. Honey and lemon is just as effective, coats the throat and soothes the irritating tickle. If you are bringing stuff up then your body is doing what it is designed to do.

    Suggestions for coughs and colds - honey, lemon juice, pinch of dried ginger in a mug, top up with hot water, stir, add a slosh of rum or brandy.

    Elderberry syrup - contains antioxidants that are effective against winter bugs. Take a spoonful every morning in autumn and winter, every 2-3 hours if you have a cold. Can be put in a mug with hot water as a soothing hot drink - take a mug of this with two paracetamol and save money on so-called "cold capsules".

    Inhale steam from a bowl with eucalyptus oil added to clear the nasal passages.

    In public places be aware that these germs are present on door handles and any hard surfaces, so wash your hands and don't touch your face or eyes. Avoid crowded public places if possible, there's always somebody spluttering and sneezing over everyone else.

    Ok, lecture over.

    Thank you! Don't have any honey or lemon but have been having hot drinks to soothe it. I've got some Vicks so will give that a go with steam. Eating a curry as well hoping that'll help a bit :) x
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    milannmilann Forumite
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    edited 7 October 2018 at 7:18PM
    It’s the start of my October cc bill today so I count this as my 1st day of my month. Please can I join the challenge - can I go for 15 NSD [/
    I’ve just done a £50 Aldi shop so should be off to a good start tomorrow but I’m away for a week at the end of the month - could be an interesting challenge :money::p

    Trie to do target in red but it hasn’t worked....

    I’m including all spends except chub club and dds birthday pressie which is budgetted for.
  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Happy to report NSD number 5 safely snaffled!
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  • Honeysucklelou2Honeysucklelou2 Forumite
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    NSD number 1 - done!
    paydbx2020 #93 £1219.42/£10,025 . 1 debt 100 days 35 £320/£1820
    EF £70. SPC 141

    # savings# £32 . Oven. £284/£403 H2S £50
  • Hopeless_CaseHopeless_Case Forumite
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    I can't remember how many I've already noted, but Monday - Thursday were all NSDs, Friday and Saturday most definitely weren't :o but yesterday was, so 5/20, happy with that :)
  • SSDD23SSDD23 Forumite
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    Spendy weekend - bottle of wine on Saturday (it was a stressful day) and birthday gifts for my Nan yesterday :)

    Only need to buy food for work which doesn't count as spends, so 5/15 for me today :)
    VSP #12 £102.63
    LISA - £87.37
    EF - £0.00
  • NSD number 5 in the bag today!!
    Oct NSD 7/15
    Oct £2 per day £41.00/£62.00
    Oct Grocery Challenge £137.54/£250
  • beanieloubeanielou Forumite
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    NSD no 6 today.
    Lou~ Debt free Wanabe No 55 DF 03/03/14.
    **Credit card debt free 30/06/10~**
    **Weight loss 2 stone 2 lbs **
    MFW. 9 months to go. B)
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