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Hi there,

I've been with Zen internet for 6 years and have had no problems with them at all, their customer service is brilliant but I am paying £48 (rounded up) a month for super fast fibre, landline and certain calls.

I know I could get a cheaper deal. I never use the landline for calls.

I'm considering Plusnet but not sure. Our highest average usage in recent months was 550GB/month but usually it's around 480GB

Any advice please on moving provider?

Many thanks!


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    Apples and Oranges.
    Zens core customer base is business accounts. They provide a robust service with the sort of customer support you would expect as a business customer. PlusNet cater for the masses after cheap as chips broadband. They dont give a crap about customer service or reliability.

    Zen is expensive for a reason, PlusNet are cheap for a reason.
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    Above hits the nail on the head .
    Where the cheap guys have a large number of customers with never a problem Those that have a problem often find CS a problem .

    Should say Zen and A&A even though i am not a customer .
    I am with BT for the BT sport and rarely would i need any input on the majority of problems ,
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    Do you want cheap or good? You have good, which you will lose if you switch to cheap.
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    I've been with Zen for 12 years and have no intention of changing due to the e celle T service from them.
    The only problem I've ever had whilst with them was actually caused by a Numpty OR engineer screwing up the connection when moving to fibre.

    (before somebody complains about calling the engineer a Numpty, this is what the OR engineer who sorted it called him as well)
  • I’ve just moved from Zen Internet at £32.99 a month to sky on £18 a month and already my internet is so much faster! With zen I averaged about 8-9mb but sky is consistently and stable at 13 - 15mb. I joined zen from talktalk who were awful but for me, sky are so much better than either of them.
  • Thanks I think I'll stay with Zen for the moment. The reason I started to think about moving was because I kept getting a nuisance sales call and I wanted to block it but that was part of an add on service with Zen which was a bit annoying! Anyway sales call seems to have given up today!
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