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I was just asked to solve a picture captcha mechanism, as a security measure, before my post would be published

There was advice somewhere on the screen, but half obscured, to avoid this in future I should do an antivirus scan.

When the first grid was done, another appeared.

This happens sometimes, either with an error or without.

Then another.

Some of these grids add new pictures and ask you to select from the new ones

Then another.

Cars, vehicles, traffic signs ...


Crosswalks (American name for pedestrian crossings

Another grid.

Some of the pictures are so indistinct it's hard to spot a bicycle under a tree in the distance, and red writing comes up warning you to select all examples

It becomes guesswork

15 picture grids in all, involving selecting probably over 100 pictures.

And then just a blank page, no post.

I went back, copied my post just in case, and tried again.

How often is this going to happen?


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