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October 2018 Grocery Challenge

edited 18 September 2018 at 10:32AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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    MrsSippiMrsSippi Forumite
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    Can I be added this month please? My first time doing this as grocery spends have spiralled out of control for the last few months so need to get back on track. £300 this month which is 35 days due to when payday falls. We are a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids aged 3 and 7) so should be doable with a bit more planning.

    My big downfall recently has been lack of enthusiasm or inspiration for dinners so need to get re-energised. Wish me luck!
  • pamsdishpamsdish Forumite
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    Hope for a good month as on hols from 22nd £180
    2018 £2285/£2149, 2019 £2000, 2020 £2000/£1456
    2021 Total amended to include, grocery, others, Amazon/E,bay, alcohol.2021 £4000=£333 per month.
    JANUARY £246, FEBRUARY £272.27, MARCH £467.82
    APRIL £42.63, £54.38, £8.86, £9.75, £19.78£12= £147.40
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    JingsMyBucketJingsMyBucket Forumite
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    Thanks for the new thread elsiepac. Could you please put me down for €300?That will run from October 1st to October 31st. I'm going to ratchet things back down for October. Thank you!
    APRIL 2020 GC: $97.42/$300.00 // 3/12 NSD
  • Can you please put me down for £125 again please - I will be starting from 25th September as that will be my October pay!
    Trying to make my way on my MSE adventure.. Debt free since June 2018:j

    December GC £32.58/£130
    November GC £101.14/£135 :: another month under budget! :: another m
    Emergency Fund £104.77/£1000:(
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    Doom_and_GloomDoom_and_Gloom Forumite
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    Our October will go 1st to 31st.
    Our budget will be £200 and covers food and non alcoholic drinks for OH and myself.
    Thank you those that run this thread it really does help us keep our spends down by keeping us accountable.
    I am a vegan woman. My OH is a lovely omni guy :D
  • thriftwizardthriftwizard Forumite
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    Our month will run from 28/09 to 31/10 and is therefore a 5 week month. To feed 4 adults, plus cleaning stuff & toiletries, I'm aiming for £400. (I'm also feeding 4 cats, 10 chickens (negotiable!) and 2 cockatiels, but am currently accounting for them separately so as to work out what they're actually costing us & whether I can improve on that.) I'm still not 100% sure of hitting September's target so won't aim any lower, as there's an extra weekend to account for. There will also be a "hit" to the bulk-buy fund but that should be the last one for 2018 & will include various festive supplies.

    It's been an expensive few months, what with marathons, cantankerous elderly vehicles, kittens, hordes of birthdays (3 in July, 1 in August and 1 in September) and OH's teeth, but we're heading up towards real solvency again. It will need to be a frugal Christmas, but we've never really done anything else, and listening to the family explaining our family Christmasses to DS2's girlfriend on Sunday made me choke up, as they all seem to enjoy the festivities & our little home-made & borrowed "traditions" very much. I always felt guilty that we couldn't afford the vast piles of presents and treats like trips to the London shows that most of their friends got, but now I think we didn't do so badly, especially as they've all turned out to be lovely people!

    GC April 21 £393.73/£500
    2021 Fashion on the Ration Challenge: 5/48

    (Money's just a substitute for time & talent...)
  • Mrs_CheshireMrs_Cheshire Forumite
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    Could you put me down for £400 again, I'd love to get it down to about £370 but not likely in October as I'll need to get my bulk meat order in and it's also our youngest son's birthday so will need cake etc as well as half term.
    I'm also providing lunches for all 3 children now rather than 2 so I need more packed lunch and snack foods.
    I've got some bits that need using in the store cupboard so going to be planning meals around those.

    I'm finding I'm spending less by doing online shopping, as there is less temptation to buy junk food like biscuits, crisps and chocolate bars. Think I'll do a bulk shop at Her*n foods at the beginning of the month and make it last!
    Grocery Challenge 2020
    Jan £377.98/£380, Feb £417.83/£370 March /£400
  • CrowdpleaserCrowdpleaser Forumite
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    Hello everyone!

    I'd like to have a try this month at 320 please?

    For me, bottomless pit hubs, 2 kids 9 and 10 and a hamster. I am gluten free and lactose free and other things too buy they are the pricey ones!

    To include everything from food to loo cleaner! Month us 1st Oct to the 28th Oct.

  • NeverendingDMPNeverendingDMP Forumite
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    Hello. Not been on for a couple of months but am back for the challenge. Budget is 433 pcm. 100 a week is what I'm aiming for and I'm hoping this will be 4th time lucky as I never quite made it with my 390 budget. This is to include everything except husband's alcohol as I no longer wish to be involved in buying it for him as he has way to much. Its two adults three little people and a dog.
    I've completely changed tact and have a delivery pass and am getting twice weekly deliveries. Very wasteful carbon footprint for which I must apologize but the idea is I do not need top up shops. I used to buy one big and then smaller weekly ones but the kids just ate it all and I was constantly nipping out for bread and milk. I've been at it for the past month and I reckon it's gonna help the budget.
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  • Lydia42Lydia42 Forumite
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    I'm in this month please. Failed miserably the past few months, but having just signed up to YNAB for the free trial and entered our figures i really need to pull my finger out and stick to budget.
    Planning on £360 for food with £40 for cleaning items (have separated it out as i want to keep a better eye on things). Two adults, two kids (11 & 8), plus 1 mog.
    Our month starts on 25th Sept when we get paid.
    Total Debt November 2018: £23, 795
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