All Scottish councils will offer £100 school uniform grants - MSE News



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    The rest of the uk does not fund Scotland. We pay our own way and we also take a share of the uk deficit. So unless you are in Scotland what do you have to complain about
  • will you be able to use the grant at Primark, and will it cover for ugg style boots?
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    I hope we don't end-up with the sort of situation that seems to be becoming common in England, where schools appear to value a smart uniform far more than a quality education for their pupils. :(
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    annandale wrote: »
    The rest of the uk does not fund Scotland. We pay our own way and we also take a share of the uk deficit. So unless you are in Scotland what do you have to complain about

    If I could thank this post 100 times I would.

    The SNP are far from perfect but easily the best choice in Scotland. If School Meals are funded for the poorer students why not uniform too? If you have to complain about anything I would have thought this should be way down the list.

    As someone else said above, one of Prince Andrew's kids is getting married - and UK taxpayers will be paying for the 2million of security. Now that is something to make the blood boil.

    Unsurprisingly I voted SNP at the last election - clear choice with only the Libs Dems getting a passing thought.

    Oh and - I'm English.
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    I qualified for free school meals back in the day. At that point my mum worked full time but was on a low wage. She actually chose to pay for them because in those days the free dinner kids had to come out first and stand in a line. Everyone knew they were a free dinner.

    Lmao. My local council spends money like there’s no tomorrow

    They paid a contractor 9 million quid for a job worth 1.5 and they are bulldozing around 2000 structurally sound homes after spending millions in improvements and there’s more to come before they are knocked down.

    When I was at school, we got vouchers which were basically scraps of paper, none of the kids that had working parents used the cafeteria as it was seen as for the poor kids, and nicknamed "scaffeteria" Wasn't me isolated people were mocked when they were seen going to it

    My local council are good for council property repairs that being said during just my time in area they have bulldozed many livable properties and left the land eyesores then built upon nice and sometimes beautiful land such as parks.

    A area they fail are hugely is social work, I used to have good social work support in last region this one I was promised it then told they couldn't give me it due to cutbacks, even social worker admitted right now they only give it to people who are basically housebound due to things like seizures.
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    Glasgow city council spent 2 million pounds fighting equal pay claims for women. I’d call that more of a waste of cash than a grant given to poor families to buy school uniform
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    There are people who have nothing due to abusive relationships. They have to leave and start from scratch.

    There are few people who have jobs for life these days. Anyone can have kids and have their circumstances change. They should not be condemned for it.

    I’ve had contracts end in several jobs. I’m currently on uc. I don’t have kids. No one can predict the future

    If a grant allows a poorer child to go to school and not face stigma. Fab

    We should not be living in a society where the eugenies get 2 million pounds of security for their wedding paid for and people grudge school uniform grants
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