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All Scottish councils will offer £100 school uniform grants - MSE News

All Scottish councils are offering eligible families a school uniform grant of at least £100 following an agreement with the Scottish Government...
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'All Scottish councils will offer £100 school uniform grants'
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  • AngusMcFilthAngusMcFilth Forumite
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    It would be better if the government would do something about the legalised cartel that is Preferred Uniform Suppliers. Someone is making a lot of money somewhere.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    My grandson's uniform comes from Primark
  • mjm3346mjm3346 Forumite
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    Be far better to stop the scam where the schools have any say in who can provide a uniform and the standard school uniforms offered by the major supermarkets should be acceptable for all schools - with an "iron on" badge (to cost no more than 50p) if required.
  • tberry6686tberry6686 Forumite
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    All councils in Scotland are complaining that they are short of cash. No bloody wonder.
  • Paid for by the taxpayers in the whole of the UK, no doubt. :think:
  • unholyangelunholyangel Forumite
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    Kevie192 wrote: »
    Paid for by the taxpayers in the whole of the UK, no doubt. :think:

    How can people still not know how our country is structured given all the political upheaval the last few years?

    The scottish government receive the exact same to spend per head of population on devolved matters that england spend on their services. They don't receive extra funding, they just choose to spend it differently.
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means - Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride
  • badmemorybadmemory Forumite
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    It would be better if the government would do something about the legalised cartel that is Preferred Uniform Suppliers. Someone is making a lot of money somewhere.

    Totally agree. They brought in school uniform for all schools to avoid the differences in their parents income - to stop the rich kids from all sitting at the front & getting free personal tuition (yes it did used to happen).

    About 7 years ago a work colleague came in all happy & smiling because her daughter's school had a new head & they were getting a new school uniform. Designer trousers! Over £20 a pair. So I (not so kindly) reminded her that we were under threat of redundancy & what would she do then. And how would she feel if they got torn the first day back?
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    ska_loverska_lover Forumite
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    edited 12 September 2018 at 8:58PM

    The tax payers will have to fund it

    Being FORCED into paying for other peoples life choices

    If you can't afford basics for your kids, don't have them (like the other irritating thread of high wage earners bleating about spending £20 a week on their kid attending Uni)

    How do some pple make it through the day??

    Kids are not a necessity - they are a choice based on parents wishes. Don't be astounded that other pple don't want to fund your rug rats when they have cut their cloth accordingly

    Disliked the free school meals thing too. Not my choice to knock out those kids, i'm struggling (but manage without freebies) to feed mine ,so I begrudge feeding others

    Really struggle with this given that there are better causes that the government could be spending money on..such as vulnerable homeless
    The opposite of what you also true
  • Hold on a minute. The uk taxpayers are not paying for this. The Scottish government gets a percentage of what they give back to the treasury in a block grant.

    Secondly. If you grudge free meals. You might be grudging a kid getting the only hot meal of their day.

    If you hojest
  • Sorry. Touched post button too soon. Anyone’s life circumstances can change. People can get made redundant.

    I qualified for free school meals back in the day. At that point my mum worked full time but was on a low wage. She actually chose to pay for them because in those days the free dinner kids had to come out first and stand in a line. Everyone knew they were a free dinner.

    My parents separated when I was four and my father paid the absolute basic for me. Two pounds a week back then.

    It is not always a case of if you can’t afford kids don’t have them. People can end up poor (why don’t you ask the 3 million working poor in this country). Through no fault of their own.

    120k families qualify for this. It’s not new. It used to be 50 pounds.

    As for no wonder councils say they are skint.

    Lmao. My local council spends money like there’s no tomorrow

    They paid a contractor 9 million quid for a job worth 1.5 and they are bulldozing around 2000 structurally sound homes after spending millions in improvements and there’s more to come before they are knocked down.

    Do the people who are grizzling about this mind their taxes going on the security for princess eugenies wedding. 2 million quid.

    You know Eugenie who does zero royal duties and has a father worth 65 million?
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